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In Perspective - Is our editorial section where we give you our perspective on what is happening in our bio-sphere and viagra cost our society. Here you will find insights into the global context that we live in. Here you will find ideas that may facilitate small paradigm shifts and possibly put the events on the planet In Perceptive.

Is Our Government Playing Ostrich

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Written by Peter Ross


"We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of best online cialis evading reality."  - Ayn Rand

It has become clear to those who are paying attention to the world around us that we are quickly approaching the equivalent of an environmental brick wall. With global warming accelerating and a mass extinction looming, we can no longer put up with leadership that is prepared to turn a blind eye to the climate crisis and the catastrophic outcomes of avoiding dealing with this issue.

We are being sold down the river by leadership that seems to be prepared to hide from the truth. It seems the best we can hope for from a Conservative government in Ottawa is that they might be pressured into moving from their do types generic levitra overnight nothing approach to a "doing too little too late" approach to the issue.


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