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New Assistance for Developing Eco Village Projects

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Written by Peter Roth

Earthworks Offers Assistance to Developing Eco Village Projects - Earthworks is a team of researches, consultants and trainers dedicated to helping establish new sustainable communities by facilitating optimum community design in the early stages of eco village development.  The inspiration of this project came from with work of several researchers looking into sustainable community design who visited existing Eco Village to study how they where working from economics and self sufficiency to ecological, cultural and social perspectives.   They have also looked at the reasons why intentional communities are appearing all over the planet and why they create a unique opportunity to experience and study how a truly sustainable society can work.

What seems to drive the development of eco villages as well as individuals commitment to intentional community living differs only slightly from project to project and the underlying theme seems to be a common sense of disillusionment with various dysfunctions evident in our existing culture of profit driven and corporation centric society and buy viagra online 50mg all the order cialis impact that has on the quality of life of its citizens.  

Garnet McPherson the visionary behind the Earthworks project summed it up this way… “In a world where unconscious decision making has led us to indecent exposure to toxins in our air, our water, our food and even what touches our skin, we have seen all the seeds of modern disease growing within our society. We are witnessing environmental changes that have put entire ecosystems on the verge of collapse. It is easy to become disillusioned with the paths our culture has traveled on. But it is also easy to see that it is time to create positive change in our lives and in our communities.”

He explained to me what attracts people do living in a community that is designed to be sustainable from the ground up. “A number of people are beginning to look for a way of living that makes sense in every realm of their life. Many of us have had a dream of living in a world created by conscious decisions that will lead us to a point where the human footprint has a positive impact and actually restores natural systems.  The participants in these communities share the desire is to be part of a community that is doing it the right way and dealing with our social, economic and environmental issues in an enlightened manner.” 

permiculture diagramA small group of people set out to create Earthworks with this very vision in mind.   Earthworks research team has visited over 100 eco villages around the world and collected intelligence on what is working and viagra canadian pharmacy not working in these communities.  They incorporate this data and the collective experience of many communities to help new eco village projects develop templates for successful community development. 

“We spent countless hours studying and designing solutions for eco village development and now assist developing community project that want to start off on the right foot.  We help to design villages concepts for groups that are in the early stages if forming and crating eco village projects.”

Now Earthworks helps groups find  a vision that integrates the best practices for sustainable and healthy living.  Helping to create communities dedicated to incorporating sustainable living techniques and technologies including such things as eco enterprise development, eco education and us pharmacy viagra natural health,  Earthworks has also been exploring solutions that contribute to developing templates for future sustainable communities based on permaculture priciples. Communities designed to demonstrate strategies for long term energy and food security while creating healthy environments for humans to inhabit.

Buckminister Fuller once said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

McPherson agrees with Fuller and feels the current versions of both planned and unplanned communities that man has built are in essance broken because they are not built around the concept of man and nature working in concert and to mutual benefit.  He is convinced that this is the time to spend both energy and resourcss to create communities all around the world that demonstrate sustianble culture. “Today the potential for a self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle in well planned self sufficient communities is certainly achievable.  Communities where residents can enjoy the real possibility of economic, food and energy security in a healthy and order generic cialis softtabs nurturing environment.”

 The Earthworks consultants and trainers now help groups to create communities that provide residents with a nurturing place to live, to learn, to create, to work and play all in the context of the ecological principals of our natural world.  The ideas of creating an organization to facilitate the creation of such communities is simply wonderful. We all know that what we have been doing so far has not worked.  So this is an idea whos time has come. If you are thinking about creating or joining an Eco Village project a great place to start is to contact Earthworks. To find our more you can reach them through the web site or by calling their office at 613-475-1121.

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