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Rich Earth - Earth is covered with only about three feet of soil. This nutrient rich top layer is what feeds our food while it’s being grown. Problem is that lately we’re losing about one percent of top soil each year due to ill conceived agricultural trends promoted by agribusiness and viagra for female chemical companies. Soil ErosionThis is a neglected environmental crisis that has world wide ramifications. In sub-Sahara Africa we’re already seeing a rapid increase in malnourished people due to soil depletion. Soil needs to be nourished and replenished. Farmers used to only here consider land stewardship part of their job. But now, the profit margin is controlling framing methods. Basically we have been mining nutrients from our soil and in general we have not been replacing all the nutritional resources that planet need to thrive in the process.At the present rate, soil is disappearing at 10 times the rate it can be naturally replenished. Nutrient depletion in soils adversely affects soil quality and reduces crop yield and consequently poses a potential threat to global food security and agricultural sustainability. Human-induced nutrient depletion has become a serious problem for the balance in our eco systems globally. In this section we explore this issue and the fact that developing rich and we choice viagra in canada pfizer healthy soil is part of the solution to many of our environmental problems.

Soil Depletion, Food Security and Global Warming

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Erosion of and depletion of topsoil is already a serious problem in Australia, China and many parts of North America. It does not take such a long look at the history of mankind to see that this fact threatens modern civilisations as surely as it menaced societies long since disappeared.

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