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In the Planet Watch section we help our readers explore what is happening on earth from many perspectives. Planet WatchWe look at our Climate In Crisis, our diminishing Biodiversity, the state of our Environment, from Fresh Air, Clean Water, Rich Earth to our Forests and Wildlife. We look at what is happening in our Biosphere and how it affects not only the human species, but the complex living systems that we are so dependant on.

David Suzuki reminds us that Science Matters and reflects on the viagra online prescription world from a scientific perspective. He also looks at our culture and how it impacts both negatively and positively on our environment. Under The News we put an environmental Perspective on the latest International, National and Community news. The articles below help us to stay informed about what is happening in our world.

Wind power opponents may be blowing hot air!

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Written by Dr David Suzuki

 Wind power opponents may be blowing hot air - Opposition to windmills often centres on health effects, but what is it about wind power that causes people to feel ill? According to recent research, it may not be the infrasound from wind-energy installations but, oddly enough, the warnings from opponents.
For a study published in the American Psychological Association’s Health Psychology journal, researchers from New Zealand’s University of Auckland showed


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Written by Garnet McPherson

THERE ARE 1000’s OF ELEPHANTS IN OUR ROOM! - Experts are saying “The rapid loss of species we are seeing today is estimated to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.”1 That translates into as many as 100,000 species becoming extinct each year. That’s would mean over 270 species disappearing each day and just in the time you picked up this article and cheapest levitra prices sources began to read it, several species will have left this planet forever!
If those scientists are right then I don’t think we need to debate the fact that we have a BIG PROBLEM that not enough people are talking about. The elephant in our room is the huge loss of biodiversity which is occurring at this point in history. The even bigger elephant in the room is that this is but a symptom of the fact that the advised to generic india viagra eco systems that our biosphere depends on, are in grave danger of collapsing.  If unchecked we could bare witness to a mass extinction on this planet like never before.

Desertification is too important for Canada to ignore

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Written by Dr David Suzuki

Desertification is too important for Canada to ignore - The federal government recently pulled out of an important global treaty: the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. It’s aimed at fighting drought, a problem that affects almost 30 per cent of Earth’s land surface and threatens the well-being of more than a billion people worldwide, including in our Prairie provinces.

Every year, the cumulative effects of get cialis prescription overgrazing, over-cultivation, deforestation, poor irrigation and increasing extreme weather events – including those that cause drought – permanently degrade close to 10 million hectares of land. This has led to a creeping loss of places where food can easily be grown.

 The deterioration of dry-land ecosystems has already created desert-like “dead zones” that can no longer support human life in places such as sub-Saharan Africa. No region is immune. Close to three-quarters of North America’s dry lands, including parts of the Prairies, are vulnerable to drought. And sudden loss of agricultural productivity can be devastating to farm communities across Canada.

Muzzling scientists is an assault on democracy

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Written by Dr David Suzuki

Muzzling scientists is an assault on democracy - Access to information is a basic foundation of democracy. Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms also gives us “freedom of topics order canada super viagra thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”

We must protect these rights. As we alter the chemical, physical and biological properties of the biosphere, we face an increasingly uncertain future, and the best information we have to guide us comes from science. That scientists – and even librarians – are speaking out against what appear to be increasing efforts to suppress information shows we have cause for concern. The situation has become so alarming that Canada’s Information Commissioner is investigating seven government departments in response to a complaint that they’re “muzzling” scientists.

New Assistance for Developing Eco Village Projects

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Written by Peter Roth

Earthworks Offers Assistance to Developing Eco Village Projects - Earthworks is a team of researches, consultants and only for you levitra shop on line trainers dedicated to helping establish new sustainable communities by facilitating optimum community design in the early stages of eco village development.  The inspiration of this project came from with work of several researchers looking into sustainable community design who visited existing Eco Village to study how they where working from economics and self sufficiency to ecological, cultural and social perspectives.   They have also looked at the reasons why intentional communities are appearing all over the planet and why they create a unique opportunity to experience and study how a truly sustainable society can work.

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