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Our Green Team

Our Green Team is a group of dedicated and cheap lowest price cialis soft tab concerned citizens of the planet who are looking for sustainable solutions to our environmental and societal issues. We see this magazine like a ship at sea in search of a sustainable world. Our team is made up of writers, photographers, designers and editors that create the content that fills the hold for Sustainable Living Magazine. Our office staff, researchers, ad specialists and fundraisers make sure that the ship stays afloat But it is readers and contributors like you that fill our sails with wind and moves us forward on our voyage of discovery. If you have something to contribute, feel free to let us know. Here is our team:
Garnet McPherson – Managing Editor
A sustainability consultant and environmental educator by profession Garnet McPherson has a multitude of talents. He is also a photographer, writer and filmmaker who lives in the Northumberland hills in Eastern Ontario.  Garnet McPherson - Managing EditorHe has been on the faculty of Sheridan Collage and spent a number of years in environmental education. A dedicated naturalist and environmentalist Mr McPherson has served as the education and communications director for the Canadian Natural Health Association and the Green Planet Foundation and the Natural Health Network. He has also worked on numerous sustainable economic development projects with the Green House Enterprise Centre and dozens of natural habitat and canada online pharmacy levitra wow it's great biodiversity projects across Ontario

Mr McPherson organized the Green Planet Festival in Grafton in 2006 and in 2007 he turned his expertise and experience toward building an eco education center called
Earthwalk Sustainable Living Center. Garnet McPherson is currently developing eco educational programs at Earthwalk including programs on eco home design and construction, healthy home solutions, organic food production, permaculture, natural health strategies as well as waste management and eco transportation solutions. 
In addition to being the Director of Earthwalks Sustainable Living Center Garnet McPherson is the Earth Day event coordinator for Northumberland County and the local Ambassador of former US Vice President Al Gores Climate Project. Mr. McPherson can be contacted at 905-355-3000.
   David Suzuki - Writer Broadcaster
Dr. David Suzuki – Writer - Science Matters
Dr. David Suzuki is a scientist, broadcaster, author, and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation. He is Companion to the Order of Canada and a recipient of UNESCO's Kalinga Prize for science, the United Nations Environment Program medal, and Global 500. Dr. Suzuki is Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and holds 22 honorary degrees from universities around the world. He is familiar to television audiences as host of the long-running CBC television program The Nature of Things, and to radio audiences as the original host of CBC Radio's Quirks and services viagra viagra online Quarks, as well as the acclaimed series It's a Matter of Survival and From Naked Ape to Superspecies. His written work includes more than 43 books. Dr. Suzuki lives with his wife, Dr. Tara Cullis, and family in Vancouver, B.C.
Paul Clark RGD – Graphic DesignerPaul Clark - Designer
A long-standing member of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, Paul Clark is an internationally acclaimed visual communicator with extremely diverse experience. Currently a partner in W.A.V.E. Web Design
He is an accomplished fine artist, photographer and avid landscaper applying in unique features such as walk through labyrinth construction. Paul has sidestepped his 30 year career as an art director for films and television to focus on developing and contributing to conscious projects, like the logo design for Sustainable Living Magazine. 
Sid Andrews – Bio Diversity Editor

Sid Andrews - Biodiversity WriterBird watching and natural history buff since he was 10 years old, Sid Andrews was educated in Biology and Historical/Natural Interpretive Services. He  has gained an excellent working knowledge of Canada’s natural history and canadian healthcare pharmacy resources through his 35 years of work in the heritage interpretation and environmental education across Canada. He has worked at Kananaskis Country, MooseLake and DinosaurProvincialParks, the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, the Science Alberta Foundation and the Calgary Zoo and Botanical Gardens. In Ontario, he spent time working and playing in Algonquin, Quetico and Presqu’ile Provincial Parks  and in St. Lawrence Islands National Park and at Bellevue House & Fort Wellington’s National Historic Sites.
He has been with the City of Calgary Parks since , 2004 when he began as the Education Specialist at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Sid Andrews is now the Education Strategist for the Legacy Parks Program and cialis without prescription canada approach an advisor on Public, Environmental and Heritage Education to all divisions within the City of Calgary Parks system. He has also served as the Education Coordinator for City of Calgary Parks.

Ron Pittaway – Writer - For The Birds
Ron Pittaway
Birding since the 1960s Ron Pittaway has been involved with natural history interpretation and education for over four decades. He worked in AlgonquinPark and the Leslie Frost Centre for the bulk of his career. But Ron is truly passionate about birding and has become one of this countries most widely traveled and seasoned ornithologists.  As Co- editor of the Ontario Field Ornithologists News from 1994 to 2007, Ron has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in birding across North America. He has written on a wide variety of ornithological subjects and had a wide following as editor of the OFO News and a former co-editor of Ontario Birds. We greatly appreciate having his talents and follow link fast delivery viagra expertise editing the “For The Birds” column In Sustainable Living Magazine.


Hildegard Gmeiner - Writer
Hildegard Gmeiner - Writer

Hildegard Gmeiner, is a writer, broadcaster, speaker and online consultant specializing in personal awareness. She draws on a wide variety of disciplines and experience in her work and is dedicated to facilitating the human pursuit of our true potential. Her writing empowers her readers with tools to unleash their inner powers. She helps us let go of old subconscious programming and to achive a higher awarness and live more self directed lives in line with natural laws that prevail on this planet.. She works with the power of thought to create new directions and unlimited potentials. Her articles are about changing the way we think about ourselves our relationships, our society and our global community.  In her words "The first and most important thing we need to heal our planet is a paradym shift within the human species. " Only a greater awareness can seed all the changes we need within our lifetimes. Hildegard has made it her mission to facilitate that higher awareness.

Tina Therrien  – Writer -  Straw Bale ConstructionTina Therrien
A former elementary school teacher, Tina began building with straw bales 10 years ago when she became a partner in Camel’s Back Construction, Ontario’s first straw bale construction company. She is currently sole proprietor of the company, and continues to build, plaster, teach workshops, and do presentations across the province. Last year Tina was invited to go to France to teach some workshops as well.
A board member of the Ontario Straw Bale Building Coalition for several years now, Tina does many public presentations each year, including attending the provincial Building Inspector’s Conference. Co-author of ‘MoreStrawBaleBuilding’, one of the key organizers of the International Straw Bale Building Conference in 2006, and a presenter at this year’s Timber Framer’s Conference in Montebello, she remains actively involved in the straw bale movement.
We are pleased to have her editing our Straw Bale column at Sustainable Living Magazine.

Simon Boone – Writer – Solar Income
Simon graduated from McMasterUniversity's civil engineering program in 1996 where he focused on environmental building design and building science. Simon Boone - Energy EngineerSimon is also a licensed plumber and licensed professional engineer and has experience in construction industry. Simon became increasingly aware of our reliance on utility companies for energy.
In the summer of 1998, he started Generation Solar with the help of two other young entrepreneurs and with the guidance of community partners such as COIN. Simon is President of Generation Solar, but he also enjoys the opportunity to lead installation teams in the field. In addition, Simon has served on the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) Board of Directors and several CanSIA committees, including Chairing the Ontario Caucus that has advocated very hard on your behalf for the provincial Standard Offer Program. Simon also teaches renewable energy through the FlemingSustainableBuilding program at its Haliburton campus.  We are pleased to have his contributions to our Solar Income column.

Elma Parker – Writer -  Water Article
Elma Parker is contact person of the Council of Canadians. Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest citizens organization, with members and chapters across the country. “We work to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, safe food, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians.” They develop creative campaigns to put some of the countries most important issues into the spotlight. They organize speaking tours, days of action, conferences and demonstrations. They also produce research reports, create popular materials, and work with individuals and organizations across the country and around the world. “We do all of this to ensure that governments know the kind of Canada we want.”

Gerrie Baker –Writer -  Worms Article
Gerrie Baker and Ray Cooper are sustainable farmers on FoleyMountain in the Rideau Lakes Area of Ontario.   They operate The Worm Factory and teach Vermicomposting. The program and subsidized worm kits are available for schools, camps, clubs and associations. Worm kits can be ordered at
Glen McCleod RPF – Writer – Tree Hugs

Glenn McLoud - Forester WriterGlen McLoud from the Northumberland Stewardship Council has years of experience in woodlot management and spends the majority of his time educating and consulting with woodlot owners on how to optimize their woodlots. Glen is the Stewardship Coordinator for NorthumberlandCounty. Glen works for the Ministry of Natural Resources. Glen has a degree in forestry and has been a Registered Professional Forester with Ont. Professional Foresters Assoc. for over 30 years. Glen has been the superintendent at the Provincial Tree Nursery system at Orono, and has years of experience at the Midhurst, St. Williams & Swastika tree nurseries. Glen has been instrumental in several projects including: Reforestation – bulk tree seedling order for landowners organizing mechanical tree planter for landowners, Trenton & Lindsay Woodlot Conference, Landowner Guide to Selling Standing Timber publication, Envirothon, an Olympic style environmental competition, Stream Improvement – variety of stream projects to stabilize banks and improve fish habitat, Wildlife Habitat – mainly planting of wildlife shrubs and modified woodlot management to improve habitat and n providing Northumberland Landowner Service Directory
Laura Gray - M.Sc. - Writer

Laura GrayLaura has Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Environmental Science and biology, and a Master of Science degree in biology, both from Brock University.  Living in King Township, she has been a stay-at-home mother of two for the last five years.  A passion for the environment and an even greater passion for helping to protect it, Laura is now giving her time to write for two magazines as well as starting a small business.  In addition to volunteering her time to write for Sustainable Living Magazine, she also writes for the ‘Green Living’ section of a local magazine.  Her editorial teaches readers how to make lifestyle changes that reduce their negative impact on the environment by providing easy and sustainable solutions.  Laura is an active environmentalist, and believing that our children are our future, her top priority is raising her children with a strong appreciation for protecting our natural resources, beginning with creating a healthy, and eco-friendly life-style.  Her consulting business, ‘Back to Nature Consulting’ is her new endeavor, with the goal to help small businesses become more environmentally friendly.  Laura believes that it is important to be part of a solution(s), big or small, just any way you can!

Dorsey James - Writer – Eco Arts
Dorsey James - ArtistDorsey James, now Canadian, was born and raised in Philadelphia, He studied Visual Arts and Education at YorkUniversity. His sculptures have been exhibited across Canada as well as in the United States and Germany. He lives with his family in Pickering, Ontario. He is retired from teaching Fine Arts at MarkhamDistrictHigh School. Dorsey was awarded a commission by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the City of Pickering for his waterfront sculpture installation entitled “Home Place”. He was also awarded The Outstanding Service Award for 2003 by The York Region District School Board. Dorsey loves to work with wood and with children and he has managed to do both very well.
He is an exceptional wood sculpture and we are happy to feature his work in Sustainable Living Magazine.

Dean Whalen - Writer – Eco Investing
Dean WhalenDean Whalen has been in the Financial Services Industry for more than 20 years. He is an experienced Advisor and is able to help clients build Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios.  He personally invests in these funds. A high quality well balanced portfolio is important for investors to achieve the financial security they deserve, while helping others to achieve the same.  Dean is a long standing member of the Social Investment Organization of Canada.  He lives in Goderich, Ontario. Dean Whalen is the  President of Lighthouse Money Management 

Gretchin Harris - Writer – activism
Gretchen is the Chair Of Friends of the Northumberland County Forest and long time environmental activist and writer dedicated to protecting our natural habitat.
Lisa McPherson - Eco Kids
Lisa loves being outdoors and she can be found as canoeing, hunting and fishing as often as she has time available. She is a naturalist at heart and is dedicated to protecting the environment. Lisa graduated from the University of Guelph in Geography and now she is taking a graduate program at Fleming college in Lindsay in Natural Resources Law Enforcement. She has worked at Presqu'ile Provincial Park on Nature Heritage Education as the head children's programmer and loves turning kids on to nature.
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