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In the Living Green section we explore how to live a sustainable life. Under Eco Shelter we look at the design on construction of Green Buildings and how to create and buy generic viagra on line help maintain a Healthy Homes. Under Green Thumbs we explore not only Organic Gardening but also creating truly sustainable living environments in Permaculture. Under Food For Thought we examine the issues surrounding what we eat. We look at how we grow our food under Sustainable Agriculture, the abundance of edible wild foods in Wild Crafting, How to preserve our food for later consumption in Putting It Up. The health advantages of a fresh Whole Food Diet and the environmental advantages of a local diet. We also look at all the systems that contribute to creating and maintaining total and Natural Health. We examine Eco Energy and Eco Transport solutions and under Urban Solutions we explore the greening of our towns and cities.

In Waste Not we help you reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and cialis fast delivery rethink our way to a sustainable future. In Green Gear we let you know about new and innovative green products that can make our life healthier and more sustainable. This section can also help you expand your eco awareness through Eco Education and Eco Tourism . And after we talk about all the great things we can do, we show you How To Do It! That is what living green is all about.

Switching To A Clothesline

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Written by Brooke Mountney


Switching To A Clothesline by Brooke Mountney - Student Corespondant Stockdale P.S.

I wish to write to you about how you can make the Earth, our home, a better place to live in. Before I let you read my article, I have to remind you that this will not only help save our slowly failing world, but it will help you in many ways!

I have decided to let you know how clotheslines can make a change in our world! First off, I will explain how they can help you! If you install a clothesline in your backyard, even if it’s a small, city backyard, it will be sure to save you money! We can all relate to how dryers add up to a big fraction of the drug cialis improvement with hydro bill right? Well, if you’re getting tired of looking at that BIG number on your bill, switch to a clothesline.


No Freeze Water Hose

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Written by Garnet McPherson


Watch for our upcoming article about a water hose developed by inventor Roger Welsh that will not freeze in the dead of winter, requires no electricity or other energy costs and does not need to be buried. Impossible you say?  That is what we thought until we tested this amazing hose system.


The Environment and Our Health

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Written by Garnet McPherson Thursday, 23 July 2009 00:00


As more and more evidence emerges about the health risks of man made toxins, it is clear that we need to encourage public policies that will bring Canadian environmental health standards up to par with the best international practices.

The David Suzuki Foundation published a report recently called Northern Exposure, which counts the thousands of Canadians that have suffered from acute poisoning from pesticides. The report is a wake-up call to federal and it's great! buy cialis cannada provincial governments to take action to protect Canadians from the dangers of pesticides.


Raw Living Foods and Cancer

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Written by Benjamin Stone


In a series of articles we will be exploring the many heath and environmental benifits of a raw and organic diet.  Most of our lives have been touched in some way by a wide variety of modern deseases and many of us have had personal or family experiences with cancer.  There is hope and it lays in a very natural approach to living.  A Living Food Lifestyle has turned the propecia online pharmacy no prescription guide health and well being of thousands from desease to vitality.   In this article, we are going to investigate the effects of raw, living foods on cancer. 


Ecological food systems

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Written by Trent Rhode

Our food system is not sustainable. Not in some ambiguous, unhealthy for the environment sort of way. We’re talking sustainable as in “able to be sustained.” And we’re talking in the near future. Although many designers, ecologists and cialis low price farmers are beginning to finally look at solutions, only time will tell if these solutions will come fast enough.

Before we look at these solutions, what exactly is meant by unsustainable? Well, the evidence is in the market. Food prices went up 7.4 per cent from 2008 to 2009, according to Stats. Canada, and there is no sign of this trend slowing down.

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