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Waste Not - In Waste Not we help you reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and rethink our way to viagra no prescription needed cheap a sustainable future. Here we look at all the ways we can reduce our consumption and find different uses for what we already have. We learn how to repair and recreate our resources and how to recycle what we can not repair or reuse. But most importantly we examine how we can change the way we think about our consumer society and how we can create simple and happy lives with just the resources that fit our needs and the planets.

Becoming An Environmentally Conscious Consumer

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Written by Laura Gray

To coin the phrase of the legendary Madonna:  “We are living in a material world”.  More specifically, we are living in a material country!  What is astonishing is that according to a study done by Environmental Canada, “Canadians are often cited as being among the leading per capita producers of solid waste in the world1”.
Yet, we need not be material people.  The problem with materialism is the best place buy viagra real that it has used and try it buy advair diskus without a prescription will continue to use up our natural limited resources and pollute the environment (i.e. air, land and water).  And what happens to all of the material things that we buy after we are done with them?  They end up in landfills. 

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