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1st Annual Dr. Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference

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Written by Garnet McPherson


Here you will find FREE VIDEOS of  the best of the generic viagra softabs best speaking about how we can end disease as we know it and sale viagra live longer healthier lives.

For many years I have been inspired by the endless dedication of one of my heroes Dr Anne Wigmore who I had the honor to interview on several occasions.  Her work has not only spawned much of the living food movement we see today but has saved the lives of countless individuals from around the world who have been dealing with a wide variety of health issues including many forms of chronic disease.  She has taught thousands about how to overcome disease and maximize their health.

In September 2012 the 1st Annual Dr. Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference took place in

Vilnius, Klaipeda University and Kruopiai, Lithuania. This conference brought together the leading experts in the field of natural healing to honor and celebrate her life, learn from each other and celebrate living foods. For all of us who have seen first-hand the benefits that are derived from living food nutrition, we know that Dr. Ann Wigmore’s impact in this world is beyond measure.
Dr. Anne WigmoreAnn Wigmore co-founded what become the Hippocrates Health Institute, a health resort in the United States, with Viktoras Kulvinskas. Known as "the mother of living foods", she was an early pioneer in the use of wheatgrass juice and living foods for detoxifying and healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Thanks to many generous donations, the resources were available to professionally capture all of the lectures from speakers including Viktoras Kulvinskas, Karyn Calabrese, Loreta Vainius, Lalita Salas, Leola Brooks, Janina Davidoniene, Prof. Dr. Algimantas Kirkutis, Mikarl Bostrom, Catharine Hirota, Victoria Boutenko, Joyce Oliveto and click now Brian Clements.

The global community, can now watch these videos online without any cost, thanks to Hypocrites Institute.   Here you will find the best of the best speaking about how we can end disease as we know it and live longer healthier lives.

Enjoy these videos they truly have the potential to change peoples lives forever.

The legacy that the work of Dr Anne Wigmore has left behind may well tranform what we know as "health" and truly redefine the possiblities for wellbeing of the genations to come. She has lead the cheap zithromax way for many who have snached health from the jaws of desease and gone on to live long and productive lives.

Several institutes both in North America and around the world carry on Anne's profoundly life changing work by offering educational programs and retreats, home study courses, recipes, books, and other resources.

These include:
Hippocrates Health Institute - branches in West Palm Beach, Florida; and Mayacamas, California
Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Puerto Rico
Ann Wigmore Foundation, San Fidel, New Mexico
Creative Health Institute, Michigan (near Battle Creek)
Living Foods Institute, Atlanta, GA
Living Foods Wellness Center, Michigan (near Lansing)
Optimum Health Institutes of San Diego and Austin
Mitzpe Alummot located at Kibbutz Alummot, Israel overlooking the Sea of Galilee
Living Foods Global Center, Valdemarsvik, Sweden

If you like these videos you may also appreciate a look at the article on Raw Foods and Cancer in Sustainable Living Magazine by Canadian Hypocrites Health Educator Benjamin Stone.

"Let food be thy medicine."

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