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Toxins in Dentistry

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Written by Ruth Morrison

There has been a long standing contraversy about  Amalgam Fillings used in many dentists offices and best place to buy viagra in canada yet only one in four people know that these so called  “silver fillings” or amalgam fillings contain mostly mercury.  This is a concern not only for the general public but it should also be a concern for dental workers that are exposed to this toxic substance every day in thier work environment.
 Wikipedia, defines “amalgam” as an alloy containing mercury.  This material is most commonlly used by dentists for fillings in ones mouth.  The composition of this filling is generally as follows:  50% is mercury, approximately 22-32% is silver, approximately 14% is tin, approximately 8% is copper, and the remainder of the 100% composition is other trace metals. It appears that Dentists use such material because it is reletively inexpensive and, it has qualities of strength and durability.  I began to wonder why dentists call a meterial that is primarily mercury a "silver" filling.  I thought perhaps it is because of this very contriversy.  So I began to look into it. Most people know how toxic mercury can be so it is only logical that  if the cheap viagra uk dental association does not want to alarm its market that the dental association might prefer dentists to call these mercury fillings  “silver” fillings. 
This tends to be the case in almost every conventional dentistry practices throughout Canada and the United States. It seems that mercury fillings are so cheap and therefore profitable that the industry continues to use them in spite of growing evidence that might suggest that they should not be used at all.   What is more concerning is how entrenched this practice has become in the dental industry. FDA Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein, gave his approval for amalgam to be used on millions of American children and Mothers of unborn children, while not revealing the side effects of using this material full of mercury.  As recently as 2009, the FDA ruled that no warning shall be issued to patients.    Sharfstein also withdrew the FDA website warning about how mercury can cause permanent neurological brain damage on these individuals.  FDA claims it doesn’t know for sure if using this dental filling material is safe for children under the age six, pregnant and even breastfeeding mothers since the find mercury travels into the breast milk.  Yet pregnant mothers and young children are in the highest percentile to have mercury toxicity.  Mercury can cause neurological damage to developing brains, no warnings are required to be affixed to this material and buy generic viagra cialis levitra dentists don’t even have to inform their patients about the possible side effects and that amalgam is made up mostly of mercury.
If you have these fillings already inside your mouth, you should know that actual mercury vapours are released into your system, every time that you chew, brush your teeth , see your dentist, or even drink hot beverages.  These vapours can last 1 ½ hours after any of these types of stimulation. 
There is a video that actually shows the vapour coming off these fillings at The website is from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( 
These vapours are odourless, tasteless as well as colourless – sounds just like carbon monoxide; the vapours pass through your cells going through any blood-brain barriers and into your nervous systems thereby possibly causing  psychological, neurological, and immunological problems; one of these fillings can release 15 micrograms of mercury per day and if you have approximately 8, then that would mean that the body could be absorbing about 120 micrograms of mercury per day. If you ate mercury-tainted seafood it would contain 2.3 micrograms.  Scientists consider eating this seafood extremely dangerous to one health and worthy of a worldwide warning.  I cant help but wonder what they would say about these vapours we ingest every day from our mercury fillings?
When I read the list of ailments linked to even low mercury levels my concern moved to alarm.  I was upset to realize that I had agreed to allow  this material into my body without knowing the potential risks involved.   I could see that if most people understood the discount levitra pharmacy purchase risks that they would start to demand the use of alternative or healthier materials in dentistry and perhaps start asking why they had not been informed about the potential risks with exposure to mercury.  Yet mercury is treated like a toxic substance when it is delivered to the dentist office or desposed of by a dentist office. Then why should we welcome it into our mouth and cialis 20mg lowest price ultimetly into our bodies chemical make up.

The good news is the advent of what has came to be known as biological dentistry, or by another name holistic or environmental dentistry.
This type of dentistry views the teeth and gums to be an essential part of your body and resolves to solve dental problems without impacting the rest of the body.
Finding a holistic dentist isn’t always easy as there are far more “regular” dentists than "holistic" dentists.  However in future articles we will talk about the search for a holistic dentist. This article is meant to sound the alarm for our readers about amalgam or “silver fillings”. If you have these fillings, you can always get them removed and replaced with materials that are more beneficial to your health for the rest of your life.
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