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How To Do It - We want to learn how to do just about everything green, and share it with you. So stay tuned to How To Do It for articles, photos and web prescription cialis videos on option how to green your home, your work and your life.  In this section we ask the experts about the i recommend best methods and techniques and as we discover all the little secrets we will show you what we have learned and How To Do It yourself.

DIY - Making Household Cleaner

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Written by Garnet McPherson

 Try making your own household cleaner! Works well for me.
Make your own cleaner1. Start to store your orange peels. You can put in the freezer if you like. When you have enough, put them in a glass jar.
2. Fill the jar up with White vinegar and let it sit for 2 weeks. 
3. After two weeks strain the liquid.
4. Put peels in the compositor. (Unless you have any other ideas, I am all ears.)
5. Mix water with the vinegar in a ratio of 2:1.
Some people add a teaspoon of almond extract adding a nice aroma.

Litterless Lunches

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Written by Laura Gray

Let an eco-friendly lunch preparation be a part of your everyday practice by creating a 100% litter-less lunch, both for your children’s school lunches, and for your work lunches as well. This means that all of the items brought to school or work are in re-usable containers and everything is disposed of properly at home.


Let Me Count The Ways

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Written by Contributor

One of our readers asked us how they can make a differance and advice what they could do right now to make the buy zetia online uk way we live more sustainable.  So, here are several things you can do now to help our planet:

•    Become better informed and active. Find sources of safety sound environmental and natural resource information and access them regularly. Attend local public meetings and become active in your community. Understand your local environmental challenges and accomplishments. Protect your local open spaces. Learn about local watershed initiatives. Volunteer.

•    Participate in a local environmental education or Earth Day experience. Visit a new or nearby nature center, science center, park, cooperative extension office, museum or conservation district office. Ask questions.

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