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The Goods - In Green Gear we review and viagra legal resources profile new green goods.  We want to provide the opportunity for people to have green product choices that are better for the earth and its inhabitants. Everything that is produced has an impact on the environment. We believe that when we become better educated consumers, a new appreciation of the link between products and their impact is a direct result. Changes in the product choices we make, will have a positive impact on the environment. So here we take a look at a wide variety of earth-friendly products and services that meet our basic needs. If we are conscious about our choices remembering the needs of our planet we could leave it better than we found it.  The power of our dollars can't be overstated. If we consider our choices we could save the planet one purchase at a time.

Organic Fashion

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Written by Garnet McPherson

Organic Fashion – Did you know that cotton grown conventionally uses more chemical sprays to grow than any other agricultural crop and that many of those toxins stay resident in the fibers?   Isn’t it nice to know that you can buy clothing  made from Organically grown Cotton, Soy, Hemp and Bamboo.  Sustainable, safe and fun  fashions allow you to get clothing that takes  less toxic inputs to grow and gives you peace of mind when wearing.

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