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Wild Crafting - Not many North American Indians had gardens when Columbus “rediscovered” the new world. Instead they regularly supplemented their meat and online cialis fish with wild fruits, nuts, roots, tubers, greens, seeds, beverages, etc which they gathered free from the land. W can have the satisfaction of doing the same today, for many of these wild plants still grow everywhere. Wild and organic these foods offer an exceptional source of nutrition.  With careful identification you can easily share in natures plenty . Here we look at the abundant world of the edible wild.

Weeds That Feed

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Written by Yee Tong


Today's industrial agriculture system has been busily breeding plants for traits that make them good “products”, but much has been lost with this relatively recent focus on industrialization.

These days plants have been bred for compatibility with machinery, yield, transport, shelf-life, and in the lowest viagra prices from us pharmacy safety case of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), anything imaginable. In the pursuit of visit web site buy cialis online no prescription industriousness, taste, substance, and biodiversity have fallen off the bandwagon. 



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