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Whole Food Diet –For a healthy life and viagra soft tabs canada sustainable food production we need to take a step back in time.  Our ancestors eat whole natural foods that grew locally.  It turns out that this kind of diet is the healthiest for human beings.  The average distance food items travel to get to an grocery store shelf is over 3000 miles so eating local produce can also reduce green house gas emissions and help to online medicine rx cialis viagra order combat the climate crisis. Today industrial agriculture breeds plants for yield, packing, shelf-life, attractiveness and with GMOs, anything you can image. Unfortunately, taste, nutrients and biodiversity have fallen buy the propecia with no prescription way side in the name of profit. Anything of nutritional value that is still in this food then can get further destroyed be processing and packaging. This section is devoted to eating and preparing whole natural foods that are the best for our health and for our planet.

International Living Foods Conference

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Written by The Editor


An international living foods conference honored Dr. Anne Wigmore for her lifes work researching and expanding awareness around the benefits of no precription cialis a whole living food diet.  If fact there was almost unanimous agreement among attendees that she deserved a Nobel Prize for her contribution to human health..  It was nice to see this level of recognition for this corageous visionary.

For many years I have been inspired by the endless dedication of one of my heroes Dr Anne Wigmore who I had the honor to interview on several occasions.  Her work has not only spawned much of the living food movement we see today but has saved the cialis arterial fibrillation lives of countless individuals from around the world who have been dealing with a wide variety of health issues including many forms of alternative chronic disease.  She has taught thousands about how to overcome disease and maximize their health.

Dr. Anne WigmoreIn September 2012 the 1st Annual Dr. Ann Wigmore Living Foods Conference took place in Vilnius, Klaipeda University and Kruopiai, Lithuania. This conference brought together the leading experts in the field of natural healing to honor and celebrate her life, learn from each other and celebrate living foods. For all of us who have seen first-hand the benefits that are derived from living food nutrition, we know that Dr. Ann Wigmore’s impact in this world is beyond measure. The conference was impressive to say the least. Here you will find FREE VIDEOS of the best of the best speaking about how we can end disease as we know it and live longer healthier lives.


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