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Preserving Our Provisions - Growing an abundance of yummy organic produce is low price levitra quotations extremely rewarding. However every fall we have the task of preserving what we have grown for rest of the year. We don’t want any of that great home grown food to go to waste.  Putting It Up explores all the ways that we can keep that wonderful food for later use. Over the coming issues we will be looking at canning and traditional preserving, freezing, drying, cold rooms and some innovative techniques for keeping our food for later consumption.

Spring Spears Forever

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Written by Phil Ottman


Even on a year like this when the viagra or cialis warmer times of harvest season seem like they might never arrive, asparagus still makes its early appearance. For a lover of buy doxycycline online those crisp fresh spears it cannot come too soon.

Steamed until almost soft, asparagus complements most meals. Whether to top with a creamy cheese sauce is as much a matter of personal taste as choosing a few select spears to enjoy au naturel in their fresh, raw state. There is no better spring delight than snapping off crisp spears and chomping away in the garden.


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