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Food For ThoughtFood For Thought - In this section we explore how the levitra best price just try! food we eat impacts on generic viagra money order our bodies, our minds and our ecosystems.  Food is central to our culture and it plays a huge role in our health and the health of the environment.  Which foods, where they comes from, how it is grown and  how it gets to our table, and what are its environmental impacts are all questions we  ask as we explore optimal food production, distributioin and preparation in our society.  We look at sustainable agriculture practices, the edible wild food sources, preserving and preparing food as well as diets for a healthy environment and a healthy body. Food For Thought is provided to help us all think before we eat.

Ecological food systems

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Written by Trent Rhode

Our food system is not sustainable. Not in some ambiguous, unhealthy for the environment sort of way. We’re talking sustainable as in “able to be sustained.” And we’re talking in the near future. Although many designers, ecologists and farmers are beginning to finally look at solutions, only time will tell if these solutions will come fast enough.

Before we look at these solutions, what exactly is meant by unsustainable? Well, the evidence is in the market. Food prices went up 7.4 per cent from 2008 to 2009, according to Stats. Canada, and there is no sign of viagra overnight shipping fed ex weekly this trend slowing down.

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