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Eco-chic – bring the outdoors inside

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Written by Sylvia Hoehns Wright


Too many times, we hesitate to simply sit and enjoy or bring the fruit of our labor inside. Yet, from a wintry spray of evergreens and berries to formally arranged summer roses, with a few tips and planning, anyone can be eco-chic: find it satisfying to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

altA space saving strategy is to under plant a garden with bulbs. Blooming bulbs, tulips or lilies, are far more economical home-grown than purchased. Other options are to choose perennials that provide showy foliage and long-lasting blooms; and, don’t forget to include shrub branches as a choice for floral arrangements, too. During early spring, quince, forsythia or jasmine branches are candidates for forced blooms. Late season blooms include mock orange, butterfly bush, azalea and weigela which are excellent choices that provide color and fragrance. Viburnum and hydrangea, used as cut-flowers, contribute versatility whether summer or fall.

Including cut-flowers in a garden space is not a laborious task. If the space is small, plan a continuous flow of the best site seasonal color. If you don’t have room for the luxury of cut-flowers, compromise and we like it buy generic viagra cheap plant annuals; for examples cosmos, sunflowers, or zinnias provide seasonal color and make excellent cut-flower choices. And, if you find it difficult to disturb blooming plants, designate a ‘cut-flower’ area.

To create seasonal arrangements, you don’t have to be a pro. Start by acquiring a few tools; for example the ‘garden for a cause’ series offered by Plow and Hearth, Specific to bloom choices, in general, those that are short-lived in the garden are equally short-lived in an arrangement. So, choose healthy blooms and immediately, submerge the newly cut flowers in a bucket of room-temperature water, stems only. Let the flowers absorb water for at least one hour and then remove the only here cialis online store bottom third foliage. Although mixtures of cut-flowers are an option, limit textures, use warm colors for a focal point, and arrange selected blooms and foliage in odd numbers. If you still shy away from the idea of flower arrangement, acquire an easy-to-arrange form or vase. It contains a built-in stem form.

altEarly season arrangements are justified as a form of dead-heading a plant to promote its growth. To lengthen shelf-life, a home-recipe floral preservative is 1 teaspoon bleach, 2 teaspoons sugar, and 3 cups water. Later season arrangements are viewed as a form of pruning. Woody shrub branches are first used to add texture, shape, color, or fragrance in a floral arrangement; and then, cut into multiple stems and placed into a rooting tray.

Harvesting flowers from your garden is an excellent opportunity to get a closer look at the blossoms of plants, share their beauty with friends and family, and have a piece of your garden with you when you can’t be out in it. So, celebrate seasons by bringing a replica inside.

Give your self permission to disturb an otherwise perfect picture garden. Sit and enjoy or bring the fruit of your labor inside. Be eco-chic, bring the outdoors inside. Celebrate seasons!

About the authorSylvia Hoehns Wright, recipient of the Turning America from Eco-weak to Eco-chic Award, specializes in eco-landscape/garden strategies. For details, see web site or to acquire assistance, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (804)672-6007.



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