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Written by Brooke Mountney


Switching To A Clothesline by Brooke Mountney - Student Corespondant Stockdale P.S.

I wish to write to you about how you can make the Earth, our home, a better place to live in. Before I let you read my article, I have to remind you that this will not only help save our slowly failing world, but it will help you in many ways!

I have decided to let you know how clotheslines can make a change in our world! First off, I will explain how they can help you! If you install a clothesline in your backyard, even if it’s a small, city backyard, it will be sure to save you money! We can all relate to how dryers add up to a big fraction of the hydro bill right? Well, if you’re getting tired of looking at that BIG number on your bill, switch to a clothesline.

Also, while researching I found that the average amount of money you will and searches cheapest prices for viagra can save is more than $25.00/ month! Now, to go with the money issue, aren’t you tired of seeing lint on your clothes and then having to buy a "lint roller" to clean up that mess? When using the ordering real viagra from canada clothesline you will find that there is no lint residue left on your clothes and the fresh air scent is a beautiful smell! Plus, you’re not adding toxic chemicals to our environment! Save money and be environmentally friendly!

altNow I must remind you of an important issue when using dryers. Researchers have discovered that dryer sheets that, yes, do smell good are extremely flammable. Yes, this is true. You can use a lighter and put it directly underneath the dryer sheet and it will suddenly burst into flames! This is caused by the perfume in the dryer sheets. The perfume on the dryer sheets is not made from oils of flowers or plants; it is made from synthetic chemicals made in a chemical plant!!!  So anytime you go to use your awful dryer, remember that it could completely burst into flames and destroy our environment forever! But that’s not all... even the small build up of lint in your dryer could cause it to get so hot after being used so many times, that it too could burst into flames, just not as rapidly.

Next, I need to explain the biggest crisis of all. Our Earth, our environment, our home. When using a dryer the extra air, lint and chemicals have to find a place to be released. The place that this mixture is being released in an average house is through a vent, out a flap located close to the dryer and cheap generic india viagra then through a wall outside. This mixture then travels through the air and sometimes can be dangerous to plants, as you have read in the paragraph above. This is because it is made of synthetic chemicals, a dangerous threat to our wildlife and ourselves! If you are using a dryer with dryer sheets, you are creating a big danger that can possibly be harmful to yourself. This happens when the chemicals are released from the dryer sheet and then either being absorbed into your skin or inhaled into your lungs, which can cause cancer or brain damage. No, I have to admit, this will not happen right away, but it can happen over time. If you think about it, when you switch to a clothesline there are no chemicals involved. You can be more environmentally friendly and be very aware of your health when switching to a clothesline.

alt I hope after reading this article that you are concerned about the issues of using a dryer and might be thinking rightnow about getting a clothesline installed. In fact, I have researched and found a website that shows you prices, and different types of outdoor and indoor clotheslines. The website name is and it will assist you in how to find the right clothesline for you while giving many reasons why you should switch to a clothesline. Before I end this article, I would just like to remind you that getting a clothesline can help you environmentally, health-wise and money-wise. Switch to a clothesline and you too, will become happy with the change that you have made in our environment and in your home.

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