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Enviro Kids is for the buy viagra professional online websites young at heart of all ages. Here we explore the fun and we use it fascinations with our natural world and we learn about how nature works.

Learn about all the things we can do to make Mother Earth healthy and happy. Play planetary games that are fantastic and fun. Read about what other kids are doing to help our environment have fun doing it. Check out the really cool things that live all around us and help us to live as well.  Our eco coach says “If it is fun it is sustainable! “

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Written by Garnet McPherson

My Unexpected Mentor - Traveling in wild county always teaches you something not only about the world we live in but about our relationship to that world and most importantly about ourselves. I have been fortunate enough to cialis in the uk have spent a few years surrounded by nature and I have never stopped thinking of myself  as a student of click here "Life On Planet Earth".

When I was in early 20s,I worked as a photographer in Algonquin Park. When I first got there,  I lived in a tent with my new puppy Yawny. Yawny doin his thingHe was a cross between a golden lab and a collie and recipes order viagra without a prescription he loved every chance he had to herd sheep, cattle or kids or to dive, swim and play for hours in the water.   The fact is we both loved water and I am sure that is one of the reasons that he became my best friend.

He was my constant companion, where ever I went in the park, he went with me.  He was a mischievous, but totally enthusiastic friend to have along on my adventures whether by trail or canoe.  He started off as just a golden fluff ball with four big paws, a wagging tail, and a smile that could melt your heart
.Often you could find him yawning or napping while he waited for me.   His self-appointed job each day was to follow me around like a shadow and get in my way every time I knelt down to photograph a wildflower or a mushroom or some other wonderful creation of nature. When he was teething he would gnaw on my ankles, my boots, my tripod and a little too often for my liking, the subject of my photograph.   Anything that was under two feet from the ground and he could stick in his mouth was fair game.  So I soon learned to play fetch with a stick so that he would gladly carry a stick in his mouth instead of items that I needed to do my job.

When he was still just a pup we started out camping on Mew Lake.  At night it was very common for black bears to come wondering along the shore checking out campsites looking for any food left behind by campers. We could almost count on visiting bear each night at our campsite.  So each night,

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Written by Brooke Mountney


Switching To A Clothesline by Brooke Mountney - Student Corespondant Stockdale P.S.

I wish to write to you about how you can make the Earth, our home, a better place to live in. Before I let you read my article, I have to remind you that this will not only help save our slowly failing world, but it will help you in many ways!

I have decided to let you know how clotheslines can make a change in our world! First off, I will explain how they can help you! If you install a clothesline in your backyard, even if it’s a small, city backyard, it will be sure to save you money! We can all relate to how dryers add up to a big fraction of the hydro bill right? Well, if you’re getting tired of looking at that BIG number on your bill, switch to a clothesline.


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Written by Lisa McPherson


It is a smouldering hot summer day, the smell of click here free levitra sample sunscreen overwhelms your nose, so you decide to grab your towel, sand bucket and... a net. The next thing you know you are immersed in one of the world’s most important habitats, wetlands. It is time for a new and exciting adventure in a local stream or marsh. Enter the secret world of tiny water creatures, and discover the vital role of our wetlands.


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