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In Eco Action we look at people from all around the world who are walking their talk. Moving with conviction from our Inner Space and thoughts to our outward words and actions, we all can make a significant difference to the future of our world. From Eco Heros and Celebrity Leaders to down home Community Solutions and Success Stories we explore how the Eco Ethics of individuals and organizations from far and wide are helping to develop a sustainable society. We honor the Eco Activism that is creating the Political Will to make the herbal viagra wholesale changes we all want and need. It starts with shifting the way we think and purchasing viagra ends with the actions that can change our world. It is not hard to be inspired by the youth, women and men of eco action.

Eco Heroes R Us

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Written by Garnet McPherson

My heroes tend to be ordinary people who live by their convictions and walk their talk. People who genuinely care about the planet, the people and the future of both. They take their thoughts and their words and transform them into positive actions that get results.  People who have little time for complaining because they are too busy making things better. They are actively involved with leaving footprints that lead to solutions. Their actions speak much louder than their words and set an example for us all. It is their inspiration that has moved me into action. 


Top 100 Eco Hero Awards - Call For Nominations

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We are asking for nominations for our "Top 100 Eco Hero Awards". We are compiling a list of hundreds of eco heroes and our panel of judges will be evaluating each nomination and have unenviable job of selecting what they feel are the top 100 eco heroes of all time.  These nominations are not limited just to the famous. Ordinary people who have made extraordinary efforts to buy dosages levitra protect and preserve our environment are being considered.


Being Our Environment

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Written by Trent Rhode

There is a broad consensus among some of the propecia for hair loss most brilliant people on the planet that our environmental problems originate internally, in our minds.

This may seem obvious, but less obvious is what these problems are specifically.

As quantum physicist Dr. David Bohm put it, we suffer from “…a kind of thought that treats things as inherently divided, disconnected, and ‘broken up’ into yet smaller constituent parts. Each part is considered to be essentially independent and self-existent.”

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