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A Profile of Peterborough’s Ecology Park

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Written by Ecology Park staff

The Ecology Park in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, is a beautiful example of a community of people who banded together to create a vision for demonstrating their ideals in ecological landscaping and just try! uk levitra gardening. Ecology Park has inspired countless people and has forever changed the landscape of Peterborough, literally. The following article gives a brief idea of how the park was founded and continues to flourish.

The Ecology Park has grown from a simple demonstration food garden started in 1991 to a five acre showcase of ecological landscaping. Located on city parkland in Peterborough’s Beavermead Park, it has become a place to see models of healthy landscapes, to learn concepts and skills for managing land in sustainable ways, and a source for materials such as plants and natural soil amendments.

altThe park is divided into several distinct sections, each with its own symbol which appears on all signage. Attractive interpretive signs appear throughout the park, making self-guided walks a simple and enjoyable experience. Wherever possible, signs relate to points of interest relevant to the time of year.

The park is staffed all day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from the last weekend in April until the guide what is viagra soft tabs last Sunday in October. The market, where plants, produce and recipes online viagra generic quick garden supplies are sold, is open Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m., Tuesday from 1 to 5 p.m., and Thursday from 1 to 5 p.m. and again from 6 to 8 p.m. Although the park is not always staffed, people can visit the park any time of day throughout the year.

The Beginning of Ecology Park

The original concept for a demonstration garden was first discussed in 1990 among a small group of local people. Originally, the garden was envisioned as an organic food garden with potential for public education and community development while also supplying healthy food for hungry people. Part of a local allotment garden site was offered by the City of Peterborough, and the first garden became a reality in the summer of 1991.

The first Ecology Garden was coordinated by a group of local volunteers, including Trent University students, single parents, and representatives from the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (O.P.I.R.G.), the Canadian Organic Growers (C.O.G.), the Peterborough County Board of Education (P.C.B.E.) and the Kawartha World Issues Centre (K.W.I.C.).

alt Staff were hired for the first two seasons through EYC and SEED employment programs. In 1992 financial and staff support also became available through the improvement with where to buy propecia newly-formed Peterborough Green-Up through funding by the Environmental Partners Fund.

Workshops were held every two weeks throughout the growing season on a variety of garden and nature-oriented topics,and continue to this day. Volunteers were and are still welcomed for all areas of the project. Although produce was once donated to the Peterborough Food Bank, and residents of the nearby seniors’ residence, it is now sold in order to raise funds to keep the park operating.

After the second growing season, organizers became interested in expanding the concept of the garden to include a greater variety of ecological concepts, including the propagation of trees and shrubs to attract wildlife. At this point, ideas for a larger “Ecology Park” began to be explored through consultations between Green-Up and the Peterborough Parks Department.

altA five acre section of Beavermead Park was chosen. Naturally separated from the rest of the park by Meade Creek, the site offered high visibility and a good variety of mature native trees, but was at the time, predominated by mown turf grass.

The first work at this location took place in 1993 with the creation of a tree nursery. As of 1994, it was called Ecology Park, as many other features began to be added.

Today the park is host to many more projects, including children’s programs and instructions discount cialis no rx gardens, a compost display, xeriscaping (low water), herb, shoreline, prairie and wildlife gardens, as well as a market that sells a wide variety of plants and produce.

The park has also begun to host volunteer work days on Wednesdays until 5 p.m., where volunteers can come to contribute to the park while learning about natural landscaping and gardening.

For more information about Ecology Park, call 705-745-3238, ext. 212 or visit
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