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Political Will - The energy behind change in our society always seems to flow from the ground up. It is public opinion and alternative viagra us pharmacy overnight shipping fedex how it is expressed that generates the political will to make positive changes.  Good intentioned leaders, in the viagra see what it does absence of public input may not find the pathways to the optimal solutions. Good leaders are good listeners and good citizens need to get involved in actively communicating to their leaders what they feel is for the greater good. Working together we can create the political will to address the most challenging issues of our time and resolve to make the changes needed to solve them. This section is all about the canada meds viagra process of creating those solutions.


Flax, facts, and Bill C-474

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Written by Darren Moore

On March 17th, Parliament debated a Private Members Bill regarding the regulation of Genetically Engineered (GE) seeds from further damaging Canada's export opportunities, after genetic contamination was recently discovered in Canadian-originated flax.

Bill C-474 was introduced by Alex Atamanenko (British Columbia Southern Interior, NDP), in an attempt to protect Canadian farmers and their livelihood by creating more strict guidelines before the sale of buy cialis now best any new GE seed is permitted. If the bill is passed, economic considerations will also have to be taken into consideration before authorizing distribution and use of new GE strains.

The problem stems from the fact that recently, Canadian flax has been discovered to be contaminated with genetically modified genes.


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