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Eco Heroism - Our Greatest Heroes are the treatment hundreds ordinary people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to give voice to the needs of our environment.  From the courageous woman who raised the alarm over the use of deadly pesticides to the doctor who discovered that the chimney sweeps in 18th century London were dying of testicular and more online generic viagra india lung cancer because of their exposure to the soot in the chimneys, we have had eco heroes for many years. People of courage and commitment that were willing to speak out on our behalf. In these pages we will be honoring these voices of best sanity that have called out for us to rethink what we are doing to ourselves and our environment. In these pages you will read about some of the thousands of eco warriors who have been defending our biosphere from the ravages of unconcious human activity.

Climate Scientist Quits NASA In Order To Testify Against The Government

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Written by Editor

Climate Scientist Quits NASA In Order To Testify Against The Government - This is a story of a NASA climate scientist that has had enough stonewalling on the climate crisis and is not going to take it anymore!  For over 46 years James E. Hansen has been a pioneering climate researcher working for the government. He was one of the first scientists to warn the world about the causes and effects of a warming planet. However being a NASA scientist for 46 years, has prevented him from acting on what he was learning from his research.  He felt that his research was so compelling and so far reaching in terms of how to get some viagra its impacts on humanity that he needed to do something to force a changes in government policy.   
NASA Scientist James Hansen Arrested, August 29, 2011Having the courage of his convictions, Hansen became more of an activist in recent years, lending the viagra side effects weight of his considerable experience and credentials to the cause of fighting climate change.  He has put his butt on the line 

Eco Heroes R Us

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Written by Garnet McPherson

My heroes tend to be ordinary people who live by their convictions and cymbalta generic walgreens walk their talk. People who genuinely care about the planet, the people and the future of both. They take their thoughts and their words and transform them into positive actions that get results.  People who have little time for complaining because they are too busy making things better. They are actively involved with leaving footprints that lead to solutions. Their actions speak much louder than their words and set an example for us all. It is their inspiration that has moved me into action. 


Top 100 Eco Hero Awards - Call For Nominations

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We are asking for nominations for our "Top 100 Eco Hero Awards". We are compiling a list of hundreds of eco heroes and our panel of judges will be evaluating each nomination and have unenviable job of selecting what they feel are the top 100 eco heroes of all time.  These nominations are not limited just to the famous. Ordinary people who have made extraordinary efforts to protect and preserve our environment are being considered.


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