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Village Green – In Village Green we profile intentional communities that have been planed as Eco Villages. We look at what is working and canadian cialis for sale what is not at Green Communities where sustainability is a priority in their planning and in their operations. Community planners from around the world are watching what is happening at communities that are environmentally responsible by design. These Eco Communities are leading the way to a more sustainable society and a more sustainable culture. Here we explore established Eco Villages and communities that are walking their talk and living the green life. We examine their experience with the techniques and technology of Sustainable Living.

Eco Village Movement Growing

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I always wanted to be part of a community that was doing it the generic viagra available online pharmacy right way and was dealing with our social, economic and advised to online sellers of cialis and viagra environmental issues in an enlighted manner. That dream is finally on the brink of celebrex canada drug pharmacy coming true, as myself and a small group of other people set out to create Earthworks Eco Village with this very vision in mind. One that integrates the best practices for sustainable and healthy living. By making eco enterprise development and eco education a primary focus, Earthwoks also hopes to be the seed for many more communities like it.  Rather than have us interpret this amazing initiative in community design, we thought we would let the visioneers of Earthworks speak for themselves so here is a sample from their most recient newsletter:

We have been overwhelmed by the interest in Earthworks Facebook page and we want to thank all of you who have taken the time and effort to contribute to our discussions about the potentials of creating a self sufficient and secure community of like minded people. We all know that between climate change and confidence canada meds peak oil alone that we are in for some significant changes to the very fabric of our society. This is the right time to be preparing for those changes. Earthworks is designed to provide a platform on which we can walk our talk about how we can be living on this earth. Earthwalk can also provide for the long term energy and food security for our families and our community..

In this newsletter we will outline the unique opportunity that we are creating with the Earthworks Eco Village project.


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