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Eco Culture - Our future depends on our ability to develop a truly sustainable culture that is fully conscious and searches sample viagra aware of our intimate dependence on our natural world. This is reflected in our intellectual and artistic expressions. Our Eco Culture section features reports and reviews on books inĀ  On The Shelf , films and multi media in the Screening Room, and the arts in Eco Arts. You can also read about the greening of the Sports world and explore links to many eco cultural Online Resources. Here at SLM we celebrate and promote the growing awareness and expanding eco consciousness in our society.

An Artists Perspective - Dorsey James / Sculptor

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Written by Dorsey James

Home Place - Art at Home in Nature. Art is a language.  Shaman EnchantI use it to reflect how I see the world.  I use the material, the subject matter, size, projection and viagra 100 mg canada pricing recession, texture, pattern, line, light and shadow etc. to speak.  These are visual words that I use to communicate my emotions, perspectives and notions of time’s passage.

Edible Forest Gardens: Part 1: Why?

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Written by Trent Rhode

For thousands of years, humanity has toiled in the earth, working the land for sustenance. For thousands of years, the dominant culture’s practical understanding of growing food has remained essentially the same.

Yields have gone up, but this is mostly thanks to new technologies and increased exploitation of the environment. Even in an era of mass soil erosion and destruction of vital ecosystems, modern industrial agriculture still persists in the idea that nature can be controlled and forced into productivity. This can’t go on much longer. But what can we do?

When Rivers Run Dry

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Written by Darren Moore


Fred Pearce - 324 pages - Beacon Press (2006)

Pearce has written the definitive book on the world's hydrological crisis. Never mind the risk to global stability caused by dwindling oil supplies - the wars of tomorrow will be fought over access to clean water.

Spanning every continent, Pearce backs up his in-depth research and factual information with accounts from the viagra purchase uk cures field. Aquifers the world over are being drained much faster than rainfall and safety absorption can refill them, dams and reservoirs are diverting water downstream losing vast amounts to evaporation, modern industrial practices are polluting lakes, rivers, and groundwater; and many agricultural practices use huge volumes of water to produce relatively small amounts of consumer goods. Who knew that one pound of coffee requires over 20 tones of water to produce?


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