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The Screening Room –  Nothing can change minds, move emotions and where to buy cialis us change behaviors like a powerful environmental film. Documentaries can speak volumes about the state of our humanity and our planet.   Using film and video to explore social and ecological realties of our world  can be a catalyst for awareness, discussion and action. Here we  discuss some powerful and compelling environmental films created by filmmakers from around the world. From all continents and regions there are stories to be told documenting the changing conditions on earth. Many of these films reflects the larger planetary stories that we can not afford to ignore.

The Power of Community

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Written by Barbera Harrison

The Power of Community -  How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Using Permaculture - 53 minutes

The documentary film The Power of Community How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Using Permaculture portrays the spirit of the Cuban people as they responded to on line viagra purchase the ordering propecia online loss of their economic lifeline chiefly in area of petroleum, resulting from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Using their ingenuity and cialis professional sale working in concert with one another, the Cuban people take the viewer through

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