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Sustainable Living Magazine Preview of Next Issue

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Written by The Editor


Sustainable Living Magazine is all about bringing the tools, information and best expertise together to help us create a sustainable future in our lives and on the planet. Sustainable Living Magazine is a non profit journal dedicated to making a positive difference by facilitating the development of our eco culture and assisting in the creation of a sustainable and healthy society. This green journal brings you new and fresh perspectives on the green scene from around the earth. All about sustainability, it covers everything from green building and healthy homes to organic gardening, renewable energy, eco transportation, eco energy, permaculture and more.

New Format Launch Welcome to the template for our next edition. We thought we would give you a sneak peek behind the scenes as we build this issue. This is where we are building our next issue with our new format and cialis use searches it looks like it will be hitting the ground running with features on green issues and eco culture from around the world. It is designed to inform, engage and empower its readers to make positive changes in their life, their work, and their earth all of which will contribute to a sustainable future. Our Photo Editor Irene Fior has been coordinating the work of photojournalists far and wide to add many more photos to our articles. As of today most of the articles have been uploaded so if you register for our newsletter we will let you know when this issue is done so you can come back and see the whole issue.

To give you an overview of our content below we have a small profile of some to the sections of Sustainable Living Magazine.

Planet Watch - In the Planet Watch section we help our readers explore what is happening on earth from many perspectives. We look at our Climate In Crisis, our diminishing Biodiversity, the state of our Environment, from Fresh Air, Clean Water, Rich Earth to our Forests and Wildlife. We look at what is happening in our Biosphere and how it effects not only the human species but the complex living systems that we are so dependent on.

Science Matters - David Suzuki reminds us that
Science Matters and reflects on the world from a scientific perspective. He also looks at our culture and how it impacts both negatively and positively on our environment. This is were Canada's foremost environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki shares his thoughts and insights into the state of our environment and our cultural priorities.

Environmental News - Under The News we put an environmental Perspective on the latest International, National and Community news. The articles below help us to stay informed about what is happening in our world.

The Environment - Our Natural Environment provides the sacred balance for life on earth. It is the natural and balanced system that we inherited as a species. We are the stewards of this inheritance and we have the responsibility as citizens of this planet to preserve and take care of it.

In this section we explore the ecology of our planet. We examine what is happening to our natural environment in our
water, our air, our soil, our forests and our oceans. We ask experts about what we can do to restore the delicate and essential balance of nature.

Climate in Crisis - Thousands of international scientists including dozens of Nobel Laureates have concluded that human activities have created significant global warming and as a result a Climate In Crisis that needs immediate action. In this section we look at the issues surrounding climate change and the solutions.

Biodiversity – In this section we explore the intricate and truly magical connection between all living things in our eco system and the relationship of the various eco systems on all of our entire biosphere. We also explore the critical need to preserve and enhance our bio diversity as part and parcel of a plan for the survival of mankind. Defined as, "the totality of genes, species, and ecosystems of a region," Biodiversity is essential to the survival of life on this planet .

Living Green - In the Living Green section we explore how to live a sustainable life. Under Eco Shelter we look at the design and construction of Green Buildings and how to create and maintain a Healthy Home. Under Green Thumbs we explore not only Organic Gardening but also how to create a truly sustainable living environment with Permaculture. Under Food For Thought we examine the issues surrounding what we eat. We look at how we grow our food under Sustainable Agriculture and the abundance of edible wild foods in Wild Crafting.  We also look at how to preserve our food for later consumption in Putting It Up. The health advantages of a fresh Whole Food Diet and the environmental advantages of a local diet are examined in this section. We also look at all the systems that contribute to creating and maintaining total and Natural Health. We examine Eco Energy and Eco Transport solutions and under Urban Solutions we explore the greening of our towns and cities. In Waste Not we help you reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and rethink our way to a sustainable future. In Green Goods we let you know about new and innovative green products that can make our life healthier and more sustainable. This section can also help you expand your eco awareness through Eco Education and Eco Tourism. After we talk about all the great things we can do, we show you How To Do It! That is what living green is all about.

Food For Thought - In the Food For Thought section we explore how the food we eat impacts our bodies, our minds and our ecosystems. Food is central to our culture and it plays a huge role in our health and the health of our environment. Which foods, where they come from, how it is grown and how it gets to our table, and what are its environmental impacts are all questions we ask as we explore optimal food production, distribution and preparation in our society. We look at sustainable agriculture practices, edible wild food sources, preserving and preparing food as well as diets for a healthy environment and a healthy body.

Sustainable Agriculture - Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals: environmental stewardship, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. Sustainability rests on the principle that we must always meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet future needs.
In this section we explore the issues and best practices that must be considered to create an integrated approach to sustainable agriculture.

Building Green - With a growing demand for healthy homes and eco-friendly construction, more and more people are coming around to building green shelters. There are multiple benefits to building green from health to efficiency to the environmental and social benefits of eco construction methods. It takes a little more time to build a sustainable home but it more than pays for itself with the long term benefits of "doing it right."  Here we explore the ins an outs of Building Green.

Green Thumbs is all about eco gardening. In our Green Thumbs section we get our hands dirty as we explore the ins and outs to sustainable gardening.  Examples of these ins and outs include organic gardens,  naturalized landscapes, and permaculture landscape design. From under the earth to the tops of your trees, we look at eco techniques and technologies that help us to work with nature in growing the food, flowers, and landscapes we want to surround our own habitat.

Eco Energy -
Green Energy comes from sources of energy that are environmentally friendly and non-polluting. These sources of energy provide a remedy to the systemic effects of global warming and certain forms of pollution caused by fossil fuels. Renewable Energy solutions provide the only forms of Eco Energy that are truly sustainable and will be the norm in our post carbon society of the future.

The other part of the solution is Energy Conservation. One of the fastest and least expensive ways that we can save money and our environment is with energy conservation. In this section we explore both renewable energy solutions and energy conservation solutions that can help move us towards an eco energy powered and environmentally sustainable society.

Eco Transport - At Sustainable Living Magazine we are using our feet, bicycles or our electric vehicles to get around when ever possible. However we still have to resort to fossil fuel vehicles for longer trips far to often. We want that to change. When it comes to Eco transportation there are many existing technologies that could be in use today as well as several very interesting technologies on the horizon. Here, in our Eco Transport section, we are actively looking for personal and practical eco transportation solutions from around the world. Join us as we explore what green transportation solutions are available now and what is coming soon.

Waste Not - In Waste Not we help you reduce, reuse, repair, recycle and rethink our way to a sustainable future. Here we look at all the ways we can reduce our consumption and find different uses for what we already have. We learn how to repair and recreate our resources and how to recycle what we can not repair or reuse. Most importantly, we examine how we can change the way we think about our consumer society.  We can create simple and happy lives with just the resources that fit our needs and the planets.

Natural Health - It took thousands of years for the human species to evolve in a natural environment.  Yet, in just a few generations we have changed all the inputs that contribute to our health. Our food, air, water and even what comes in contact with our skin has, to a large extent, changed in the last two hundred years of history. Biologists agree that our species can not adapt to these changes on such a sort time frame. We have created a toxic soup of our own creation and many now believe that our route to cultural health and well being lies on a more natural pathways. The growth in the Natural Health industry reflects this realization. In this section we explore the movement toward natural health principals, techniques and technologies.

Eco Education fosters within young and old the appreciation, knowledge, values and skills necessary to inspire ecologically sound decisions and actions. We think environmental education must go beyond knowledge to the practice of skills in community problem-solving around environmental issues. In this section we examine five principals of eco education. Awareness: To help social groups and individuals acquire an awareness and sensitivity to the total environment and its allied problems. Knowledge: To help people gain a variety of experiences in and acquire a basic understanding of the environment and its associated problems. Attitudes: To help participants acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for the environment and motivation for actively participating in environmental improvement and protection. Skills: To help us all to acquire the skills for identifying and solving environmental problems. Participation: To facilitate motivated individuals with opportunities to be actively involved at all levels in working toward resolution of environmental problems. In this section we look at how eco education is addressing these principals.

The Goods - In Green Gear we review and profile new green goods. We want to provide the opportunity for people to have green product choices that are better for the earth and its inhabitants. Everything that is produced has an impact on the environment. We believe that when we become better educated consumers, a new appreciation of the link between products and their impact is a direct result. Changes in the product choices we make will have a positive impact on the environment. So here we take a look at a wide variety of earth-friendly products and services that meet our basic needs. If we are conscious about our choices remembering the needs of our planet we could leave it better than we found it. The power of our dollars can't be overstated. If we consider our choices we could save the planet one purchase at a time.

Eco Action - In Eco Action we look at people from all around the world who are walking their talk. Moving with conviction from our Inner Space and thoughts to our outward words and actions, we all can make a significant difference to the future of our world. From Eco Heros and Celebrity Leaders to Community Solutions and Success Stories, we explore how the Eco Ethics of individuals and organizations are helping to develop a sustainable society. We honour the Eco Activism that is creating the Political Will to make the changes we all want and need. It starts with shifting the way we think and ends with the actions that can change our world. It is not hard to be inspired by the youth, women and men of eco action.

Eco Heroism - Our Greatest Heroes are the ordinary people who have gone to the extraordinary lengths to give voice to the needs of our environment. From the courageous woman who raised the alarm over the use of deadly pesticides to the doctor who discovered that the chimney sweeps in 18th century London were dying  from exposure to the soot in the chimneys, we have had eco heroes for many years. People of courage and commitment that were willing to speak out on our behalf. In these pages we will be honoring these voices of sanity that have called out for us to rethink what we are doing to ourselves and our environment. In the pages of our Eco Heroism section you will read about some of the thousands of eco warriors who have been defending our biosphere from the ravages of unconscious human activity.

Success Stories - Making A Difference is what this section is all about. In this section we profile success stories of people and organizations who are walking their talk and taking real steps to live in a more sustainable manner. These are Success Stories where ideas became words which became actions which are now making a difference.

Community Solutions - In this section we profile community initiatives in sustainability. In Community Solutions we show you what different communities have achieved in there eco programs. In Village Green we profile intentional communities that have been planed as eco villages. We look at what is working and what is not at Green Communities where sustainability is a priority in their planning and operations.

Eco Ethics is about making decisions that take the ecology of our bio-sphere into account.  Consideration to the needs of our natural systems must be accounted for when developing our criteria for decision making. It is about taking the whole or "eco" view of things and developing our values system based on big picture thinking. Eco Ethics logically results in sustainable practices in life and in our world.

Conscious Choices are at the core of the environmental movement. It is the choices we make that define our life and our world. When it comes to sustainability, the ratio of thought before action is directly reflected in the successes achieved. If we were to run each of the Conscious Choices we make through an eco filter in our thought process, we could live in a healthier way and experience a greener life. It is the way we think that will change our world.

Eco Activism - Eco Activism has been at the root of most of the progress that has been made in our environmental public policy. It has and will create the Political Will to make the changes we all want and need. In this section we look at the work of activists and the tools of effective activism. It starts with shifting the way we think and ends with the actions that can change minds and ultimately change our world.

Celebrity Leaders - We are grateful to see the environmental efforts of celebrities and appreciate that they use their celebrity status to support meaningful causes that will benefit all of us. Time is precious to all of us and when a celebrity gives up their time to support a good cause one has to respect that commitment. In our Celebrity Leaders section we take our hat off to those who are investing their time in our future.

Inner Space is all about the greening of our thinking. To make changes in our world we need a paradigm shift. It all starts with changing the way we think. Thought creates and as we shift our way of thinking we will also shift our physical reality. Inner Space is where we explore how we use our minds to change the world.

Political Will - The energy behind change in our society always seems to flow from the ground up. It is public opinion and how it is expressed that generates the political will to make positive changes. Good intentioned leaders, in the absence of public input, may not find the pathways to optimal solutions. Good leaders are good listeners and citizens need to get involved in actively communicating to their leaders what they feel is for the greater good. Working together, we can create the political will to address the most challenging issues of our time and make the changes needed to solve them. This section is all about the process of creating those solutions.

Eco Culture - Our future depends on our ability to develop a truly sustainable culture that is fully conscious and aware of our intimate dependence on our natural world. This is reflected in our intellectual and artistic expressions. Our Eco Culture section features reports and reviews on books in On The Shelf, films and multi media in the Screening Room, and the arts in Eco Arts. You can also read about the greening of the Sports world and explore links to many eco cultural Online Resources. Here at SLM we celebrate and promote the growing awareness and expanding eco consciousness in our society.

Permaculture is a modern term referring to the use of ecology as the basis for designing integrated systems of food production, housing, technology, and community development. Permaculture is built upon an ethic of caring for the earth and interacting with the environment in a mutually beneficial way. Permaculture practitioners design human systems based on natural ecosystems. In this Section we explore not just what permaculture means but how its principals can be implemented in almost every aspect of our lives.

On The Shelf - Has a good book ever changed the way you think about the environment? Have books convinced you to do your bit to slow down global warming? Has reading inspired you to ride your bike to work or start eating healthy local foods? Are you making a difference in some way because of a book? This section is all about good books on sustainable living. In On The Shelf – Good Reads you will find reviews, stories and reflections about good environmental literature. In these books you will find empowering information and inspiring solutions that can change your world.

The Screening Room – Nothing can change minds, emotions, and  behaviors like a powerful environmental film. Documentaries can speak volumes about the state of our humanity and our planet. Using film and video to explore the social and ecological realities of our world can be a catalyst for awareness, discussion and action. Here we discuss powerful and compelling environmental films created by filmmakers from around the world. From all continents and regions there are stories to be told documenting the changing conditions on earth. Many of these films reflect upon the larger planetary stories that we can not afford to ignore. Join us in our Screening Room to explore the world through the eyes of the current and classic eco films.

Eco Arts – What is reflected in a societies artistic expressions, often precedes the changes in the community itself. Our future may very well depend on our ability to develop a truly sustainable culture.  It is in the arts that we can see the writing on the wall that may not be evident to us in our daily lives. In our Eco Arts section we take a pause to take a look at what we can learn from what is happening in the world of art.

Sports – A culture is in essence a reflection of how we spend our time. Since ancient Greece many people have spent a great deal of time watching and participating in sports. Physical activity and health are intimately connected and more and more sports are being seen as a way to engage the general public in a healthier and more sustainable way of living. In Eco Sports we take look at this preoccupation and in particular how the sports industry is greening their ways.

Eco Business - Our economy is an integral part of our ecology. The business of fair and responsible trading in the fruits of the earth is the foundation of a healthy society. Our Business section explores Eco Innovations that can make a positive difference to your life. We examine new Eco Technologies that can change the way we live and work in our society. We explore developing Trends in business and in the eco products and services market place. We profile an Eco Business in each issue which is leading the way in its field of enterprise. We look at various ways to add green to both ways of doing business and to the bottom line. We look at ethical and Eco Investing as a means to securing a sustainable income that makes sense. The way we work is very much part of the way we live and the way we treat the planet. The economic future belongs to sustainable businesses. In this section we can help business become part of the solution and true environmental leaders.

Eco Innovations - Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. There has never been a more important time to develop creative solutions to our environmental issues than now. Inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses are responding to the increasing demand for eco products and materials for use in home and business applications. In our Eco Innovations section we will be looking at some of the impressive eco solutions that are in the works or already in the market place. We will be reviewing new technologies and techniques that can help all of us to live a greener life.

Eco Trends - SLM researchers, writers and field reps are constantly on the look out for the new trends that are developing in the home and business market place. In our Trends section we are taking the pulse of the early adopters of new eco innovations, technologies and techniques that are solving eco issues.  We report on these emerging trends by looking at our experiences with them in every issue.

Greening Business - Entrepreneurs and innovators in our business communities are quickly taking their place among the eco leaders in our society.  In many cases they are miles ahead of our governments in getting on top of the green wave in the market place. Here in our Eco Business section we profile some of these visionary businesses and the results they are getting. We explore a variety of ways to green ones business operations and improve the bottom line at the same time. We take a hard look at unfortunate "eco flops" and the "green washing" efforts that have marked the quickly emerging green revolution in the market place. The "new black is green" and we are seeing more and more of it in bottom lines.

Eco Technologies - Thanks to our inventors and innovators new technologies are creating new possibilities in the way we live and the choices we can make. Well designed technological solutions can solve problems, save money and time, and have a positive impact on our environment all at the same time. Here in Technologies SLM looks at these new technologies and examines what impacts they are likely to have on our society and our planet.

Eco Investing - We tend not to think of money as a tool for healing the planet and many of us still go around thinking of it as the rootof all evil. However, like many things in life, there are two sides of this story. How we invest our money can have a huge impact not only our financial and environmental bottom lines.  It can also make us feel better about how our investments are working for us. In Eco Investing we look at eco investment opportunities and how they can contribute to multiple bottom lines.

Our Connecting section is all about getting involved in the emerging eco culture. Share your experiences in our blogs and read about the journey of others on their path towards sustainability. Join in our Forums to discuss the challenges, issues and news of our rapidly changing world. Plan to participate in upcoming Eco Events listed on our site. Enter your favourite photographs in our Photo Contest and win cool prizes. Customize our personal Newsletter to your interests and needs. Stay informed with our RSS Feed and have eco news delivered directly to you. Ask Us questions and we will look into the answers. Want to Help? with the Sustainable Living Magazine… simply let us know. Submit Articles to our Editor. Promote your organization by Advertising on this web site and at our special events. If you have a green item you can add it to the Latest Ads in our Classifieds. Most of all feel free to Contact Us to participate or learn more about Sustainable Living Magazine. We all need to participate in creating a sustainable future. Connecting brings us together so we can communicate with others on a sustainable path.

There is lots more planned for upcoming issues so let us know if you have anything else to add!

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