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When Rivers Run Dry

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Written by Darren Moore


Fred Pearce - 324 pages - Beacon Press (2006)

Pearce has written the usefull link definitive book on the world's hydrological crisis. Never mind the risk to wow it's great global stability caused by dwindling oil supplies - the wars of tomorrow will be fought over access to clean water.

Spanning every continent, Pearce backs up his in-depth research and cialis 30 mg look there factual information with accounts from the field. Aquifers the world over are being drained much faster than rainfall and absorption can refill them, dams and reservoirs are diverting water downstream losing vast amounts to evaporation, modern industrial practices are polluting lakes, rivers, and groundwater; and many agricultural practices use huge volumes of viagra mexico water to produce relatively small amounts of consumer goods. Who knew that one pound of coffee requires over 20 tones of water to produce?

altPearce includes a lot of data, but it is balanced by vivid descriptions of the sites Pearce visited. His passion for this under-reported crisis is clear. Although you can sense some desperation, Pearce also discusses small farming communities in Asia coping and adapting to waterless wells and new technologies based on confidence purchase propecia without a prescription ancient indigenous practices, which promise to pull water out of ocean breezes.


When Rivers Run Dry highlights a subject few people are aware of, but one that has already begun putting serious pressure on global politics and cultures, both ancient and modern.

Reviewed By Darren Moore


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