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On The Shelf  - Has a good book ever changed the way you think about the environment? Have books convinced you to do your bit to slow down global warming? Has reading inspired you to ride your bike to work or start eating healthy local foods? Are you to making a differance in some way because of a book? This section is all about good books on sustainable living.  Here you will find reviews and stories and reflections about good environmental literature. In these books you will find empowering information and inspiring solutions that can change your world.

Sustainable Living Magazine Preview of Next Issue

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Written by The Editor


Sustainable Living Magazine is all about bringing the tools, information and expertise together to help us create a sustainable future in our lives and on the planet. Sustainable Living Magazine is a non profit journal dedicated to making a positive difference by facilitating the development of our eco culture and assisting in the creation of a sustainable and healthy society. This green journal brings you new and fresh perspectives on the green scene from around the earth. All about sustainability, it covers everything from green building and natural viagra pills healthy homes to organic gardening, renewable energy, eco transportation, eco energy, permaculture and more.

New Format Launch Welcome to the template for our next edition. We thought we would give you a sneak peek behind the scenes as we build this issue. This is where we are building our next issue with our new format and it looks like it will be hitting the ground running with features on green issues and eco culture from around the world. It is designed to inform, engage and empower its readers to make positive changes in their life, their work, and their earth all of which will contribute to a sustainable future. Our Photo Editor Irene Fior has been coordinating the work of photojournalists far and wide to add many more photos to our articles. As of today most of the articles have been uploaded so if you register for our newsletter we will let you know when this issue is done so you can come back and see the whole issue.

To give you an overview of our content below we have a small profile of some to the sections of Sustainable Living Magazine.


'Slow Death' is a Fast and cheapest price viagra Frightening Read

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Written by Darren Moore


Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health, by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, edited by Sarah Dopp. (Hardcover, Knopf Canada, May 2009 ISBN: 9780307397126)

Who would have ever thought that the baby-faced, gently curved yellow lump of plastic in the shape of your child’s rubber duck could be so frighteningly menacing? This book is a cornucopia of information on the common chemicals we encounter and consume on a regular daily basis. And the list of contaminants and the products they are found in are substantial. Toothpaste? Check. Shampoo? Check. The bottle your organic ketchup is packaged in? Yes they’re in that too. Turns out that phthalates and their chemical cousins are all over the place, in just about every plasticized material there is. And as if that wasn’t enough, the authors reveal that Teflon – the infamous non-stick coating championed by Dupont – doesn’t even stay stuck to the pan.


A World Without Us

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Written by Darren Moore Thursday, 01 October 2009 00:00

Alan Weisman - 336 pages - Thomas Dunne Books (2007)

What would happen if, all of a sudden and all at once, humanity just disappeared? This is the premise for Alan Weisman's book, "The World Without Us." Arguing that the main reason environmental debate is so heated is because of our central position within it, he thought, 'why not take humanity out of the picture?' The result is a thoughtful and deliberate study on how quickly the environment would revert back to it's natural state;

When Rivers Run Dry

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Written by Darren Moore


Fred Pearce - 324 pages - Beacon Press (2006)

Pearce has written the definitive book on the world's hydrological crisis. Never mind the risk to global stability caused by dwindling oil supplies - the wars of tomorrow will be fought over access to clean water.

Spanning every continent, Pearce backs up his in-depth research and buy cheapest cialis factual information with accounts from the field. Aquifers the world over are being drained much faster than rainfall and absorption can refill them, dams and reservoirs are diverting water downstream losing vast amounts to evaporation, modern industrial practices are polluting lakes, rivers, and groundwater; and many agricultural practices use huge volumes of water to produce relatively small amounts of consumer goods. Who knew that one pound of coffee requires over 20 tones of water to produce?


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