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An Artists Perspective - Dorsey James / Sculptor

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Written by Dorsey James

Home Place - Art at Home in Nature. Art is a language.  Shaman EnchantI use it to reflect how I see the world.  I use the material, the subject matter, size, projection and sale cialis more recession, texture, pattern, line, light and shadow etc. to speak.  These are visual words that I use to communicate my emotions, perspectives and notions of time’s passage.
Home Place takes into account many aspects of who I was, who I am and to some degree who I might someday be.  For instance, Home place takes into account the fact that I love a good story.  Perhaps, this is because my family could not afford to have a television. So mom, who spoke in pictures, entertained the family with a multitude of stories, which we learned to see very clearly with our mind’s eye.  It takes into account my love of wood, especially the idea of recycling discarded material and giving all that old growth wood, a new life as art.

These and many other aspects of Home Place seem to have struck a familiar cord with the community.  The stories, of universal application, behind each form have been met with appreciation. Residents , too, are drawn not only to the beauty and warmth of the wood but as well to the implication of the life, movement and timelessness of the carvings that adorn this installation. Residents and visitors have expressed appreciation for the vulnerability, delicacy and accessibility of the pieces as it somehow adds to the uniqueness of the installation. This, somehow, enhances the purchase viagra online consultation lifestyle value that they place on their community place.

Teachers and students, from the local high school, who assisted in carving the stories that became Home Place are thrilled at having had the opportunity.  Their participation has made this piece of public art all the more special to our community.

Home PlaceHome Place is divided into three distinct areas: Kijimba Kind Sculptures, Area of Enchantment and The Portal. The Kijimba Kind Sculptures represent the diversity of cultures that call Canada home and include native ancestry and tribal legend. ‘Kijimba’ is an African, Bambaran, word that means ‘spirit’.  It takes into account the spirit of the image that is carved, the material from which it is carved and visit web site viagra generic now the artist that carved it. The word ‘kind’ is from the German word ‘kinder,’ which means ‘children.’  And the English word that takes into account warm disposition and variety.  ‘Kijimba Kind’ then, are warm spirit children of all types and colours.

The Area of Enchantment features wood sculptures carved from discarded hydro poles, tree stumps, dead tree trunks and broken branches along the base of Hydro Hill. They depict mythological imagery of cultural significance, representations of early settlers, and the animal and plant life inhabiting the area.

The Portal is made up of four basic components: two intersecting circles, 20 hydro poles and a centre pediment    The hydro poles feature one set of three faces and one set of four.  The set of three symbolizes past, present and find propecia mexico future and are meant to remind visitors of the physical, emotional and spiritual commitment made by pioneers who made Pickering home The set of four faces represents the four races that make up the four corners of the world and celebrate the multicultural diversity of people who immigrated to Pickering.
This Portal is a passageway that faces due east and west. It means different things to different cultures, but I drew this vision from the more widely-held belief that the setting sun removes undesired items from one’s life, while the rising sun brings into one’s life those things that are desired.

The name of the project is also rich in meaning. Long before the Regional Municipality of Durham was created, the area was known as The Home District. “As well, inherent in the meaning of the word ‘home,’ there is something familiar, warm and very inviting.

Some visitors return to search for the hidden imagery in the Area of Enchantment.  Others want to experience renewal by traversing through the portal. Their reasons are their own.  The bottom line is that Home Place has generated within the community a sense of ownership, popularity and pride, which exceeds initial expectations.  The usage of this art installation has been high.  Its components have successfully acted as markers of place and cialis 50 mg identifiers of space.   Home Place attracts many visitors and tourists who make use of Home place as:

•    A unique place to bring visiting friends and relatives when showing off the community
•    A place for contemplating
•    A place for marriage
•    A place for creating
•    A place for teaching
•    A place for learning
•    A place for photographing
•    A place for communicating
•    A place for renewing
•    A place for just being

What better place from which art should speak.
What better space from which the energy should flow.
What better context but from nature and to nature.

Home Place is an Art installation that is culturally significant, environmentally responsible and is uniquely at home in nature. 

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