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Eco Arts – What is reflected in a societies artistic expressions often precedes the changes in the community itself.  Our future may very well depend on our ability to develop a truly sustainable culture and it is in the arts that we can see the writing on the improved viagra alternative uk wall that may not be evident to us in our daily lives. Here we take a pause to take a look at what we can learn from what is happening in the world of art.

An Artists Perspective - Dorsey James / Sculptor

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Written by Dorsey James

Home Place - Art at Home in Nature. Art is woman and viagra a language.  Shaman EnchantI use it to reflect how I see the world.  I use the material, the subject matter, size, projection and recession, texture, pattern, line, light and shadow etc. to speak.  These are visual words that I use to communicate my emotions, perspectives and notions of time’s passage.

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