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We want you! This journal was conceived and viagra for women created by a dedicated team of volunteers that are working towards contributing to a green revolution in our society and on our planet. Sustainable Living Magazine is dedicated to facilitating a sustainable and healthy future for us all. In these pages we inform, empower and engage our readers in our collective journey toward an ecologically balanced and healthy society. 

If you found this page you are probably interested in all things green and intending to make a difference. Please join us in this journey of learning and participate in the greening of our world. Together we will explore the creation of a green culture and propecia for hair loss a healthy society that will facilitate a truly sustainable future.

Below we outline the volunteer opportunities at SLM and how you can be part of our green team.Thanks for your interest in contributing to the growing green culture.


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THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS - We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of Sustainable Living Magazine and all the sponsors that have helped along the way. Almost everyone has a stake in our collective ability to create a sustainable future. So dedicated and continued support has come from every corner of our community and our economy. This support has come in many forms: in-kind services, donated tools and equipment, and of course financial resources. From those that came up and gave us $10 for a button or insisted on paying us for a subscription to our newsletter ar attended one of our workshops, to individuals and organizations that actually lent us a hand to bring this magazine out of the delivery room and buy cheap online levitra into the world.  We thank you all!



We also want to thank the many individuals that give of their time and resources to help us in our  mission to facilitate a green culture and a sustainable future.  People like....

Technical Assistance

Trent and Ryan Rhodes - Back-End Programming
Ruth Morrison - Proof Reading

Creative Assistance

Garnet McPherson – Managing Editor
Dr. David Suzuki – Writer - Science Matters
Sid Andrews – Bio Diversity Editor
Ron Pittaway – Writer - For The Birds
Hildegard Gmeiner - Writer Lifestyle
Tina Therrien  – Writer -  Straw Bale Construction
Simon Boone – Writer – Solar 
Elma Parker – Writer -  Water 
Gerrie Baker –Writer -  Worms Article
Glen McCleod  – Writer – Tree Hugs
Trent Rhodes - Writer - Permaculture
Laura Gray - M.Sc. – Writer Lifestyle
Dean Whalen - Writer – Eco Investing
Gretchin Harris - Writer – Activism
Lisa McPherson - Writer - Eco Kids
Benjamine Stone - Natural Health
Ruth Howard - Writer - Natural Health
Gage Love - Photo Editor
Paul Clarke - Graphic Designer
Peter Gugleur - Video Editor
Joshua Rohrback - Videographer

 Advertising & Promotions

David Trumbley - Marketing
Shannon Babstock - Sales


You make a difference when you ....



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We want to thank all the organizations that gave us their generous support . 
Organisations that support a sustainable future for all of us.

Green House Enterprise Center has provided eco building resources and expertise.
Canadian Natural Health Association for their support of our Natural Health programming.
Green Planet Foundation for their support of our classroom resources.
Media Arts Center for their assistance with our Web Site.

Earthwalk Eco Education Centre for thier help with our educational programs.
Insights Inc. for their consulting services.

Host Papa for their 100% Green Energy Hosting




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BECOME A SPONSOR AND SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE LIVING MAGAZINE   - All along this trail. We are eternally grateful for the support from our community. Sustainable Living Magazine is breaking a new trail in the struggle to create a sustainable world. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Sustainable Living Magazine and all the individual and corporate sponsors that have helped us This support has come in many forms: in-kind services, donated tools and equipment, and of course financial resources. 

SUPPORT OUR MISSION -There is so more to be done.  On the issues of global warming and peak oil time is of the essence so join in this movement towards un-common sense. Join us in our efforts to save our planet and our culture from the misguided mistakes mankind had made along the way.  Join us in stopping the needless destruction of our eco systems. Join us in preserving the precious bio diversity of this living planet. Join us in making that difference for each other, for our children and for our children's children.
Sustainable Living Magazine itself will be sustained by fees for is workshops, publications and multimedia training programs as well as advertising and particularly donations from our sponsors. Individuals that have the wisdom and foresight to invest in creating a sustainable future for us all.
BECOME A SPONSOR - We would like to formally invite you to become a sponsor of the Sustainable Living Magazine. Here is an outline what we generally need from our sponsors in terms of support and what we can do in return.
Every contribution is greatly appreciated. So please become a Sustainable Living Magazine Sponsor and lets create a sustainable future together. We endeavour to provide significant value for our sponsors. Sponsor Packages range from $25 to $10,000 see the details below and select the package that fits you the best.

Wanted - Section Editor

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WANTED - Section Editors for Eco Magazine

Sustainable Living Magazine is being launched this year. We are looking for section editors with a background in writing, photography and cialis 20 mg 10 pills click here photojournalism from across the country. This is a great opportunity for creative communicators to gain extensive, hands-on experience with

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