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Here are our writers guidelines

Welcome! If you found this page you are probably interested in all things green. Well thanks for your interest in contributing to the growing green culture and cheapest viagra online in the uk in adding your thoughts and insights to the pages of Sustainable Living Magazine.

What are you looking for?

If you are looking for green, its here. If you are looking for fame, you may also be in the right place. Our website growing in popularity every day with the number of page views increasing constantly. It is quickly becoming the green place to have your work seen. However, if you are looking for fortune you might have come to the wrong place. Sustainable Living Magazine has been conceived and crafted by a courageous team of volunteers who share the common vision of creating a sustainable and healthy culture.

We are a new journal and very choosy about our advertisers as a result we are still working on very thin budgets that our studio and staff needs to function. So if it was more green for your bank account you were looking for, you don’t want to freelance for us and you should leave this page now for your own sake!

Why are you still reading this? I gave you the bad news and statistics buy viagra discount I told you to look elsewhere.  So it seems you are here for a greater purpose. Ok … if that is the levitra pfizer online case then here is the good news. If you work with us you will be part of a cool green team, an online community of talented and committed individuals that are dedicated to making a positive difference. At SLM copyright of all freelance articles remains with the author. We also bend over backwards to showcase your work in an attractive and meaningful context. We provide our writers with a by line linked to an authors bio where there is another link to your website and contact information.  If that works for you then by all means, read on.

What are we are looking for?

Take a look at the various sections in our journal to get an idea of the range of subjects we are interested in, but in general our articles focus on Sustainable Living, Community Spirit, Healthy Homes and Eco Gardens, Natural Health, Good Food, Eco Kids, Style and Arts, the Outdoors, Social Consciousness, and the Products, Services, Economics and Activities of Green Living.

We will consider any well crafted, well-researched articles on any regional, national or international eco-subject. We prefer articles to have a wide range of relevance and that appeal to wide audience. If local stories are told they should have broad implications for the environmental movement. We're looking for untold environmental stories; new perspectives on existing or old issues, funny stories, timely and sentient analysis of breaking news; fresh perspectives, intelligent narratives and original investigative journalism.

We do not publish: material of a non-environmental bent (strange as it may seem); nor fiction; travel narratives; reflections on nature; poetry; stories that are of interest only to a local audience; or press releases.

So if you have considered what we are looking for and you know you can deliver, then read on.

Who we are looking for?

Before you contact us just think for a moment about whether you're can meet deadlines and maintain your sense of humor under challenging circumstances (that is essential) , whether you've ever been published before (we tend to like that in a writer), whether you have experience with or  knowledgeable about a broad spectrum of environmental issues (we actually need that in a writer), and whether you are well versed in the common courtesies of dealing with the subjects of your stories. (that comes in handy), and whether you can afford the time and effort to turn in a professional and polished piece every time.(that is highly respected).   Then evaluate your prospects!

How you can submit?

 If it still all make sense to you, then  you can send your resume, submissions and viagra now follow link queries to info(at) (best) or to Sustainable Living Magazine, 247 County Rd 25 RR5 Colborne Ontario Canada K0K1S0 (a distant second-best). Please include examples of previously published works. (If you're doing it the old-fashioned way, be aware that we cannot return materials.). But either way you should be aware that  it's like a deep well or a black hole. You may not hear back.  Did we mention we're a small fledgling journal? So do have courage but also have patience.

We accept queries and submissions for the following types of articles:

  1. features (1,000-1,500 words): investigative journalism, breaking news, profiles, interviews

  2. opinion (800-1,200 words): fresh, original perspectives on current environmental issues

  3. nuggets (500-1000 words): true humorous stories; stories about or for kids; stories about eco heroes

Are you a man of vision? - Cameramen (or women)

We would like to hear from photographers and videographers who are interested in working on multimedia projects. (you don’t need to be professional, but experience and some training is preferred)

What’s happening? Tips

If you aren't a writer but have a juicy tip you think we should pursue, email us at info(at) Our hot news elf will make sure your message gets to the right person.

Why are we doing this?

We intend to facilitate the low cost generic viagra instructions exchange of ideas among people, organizations, governments and businesses working together to create positive change for a better planet.

Together we shall be exploring the creation of a green culture and a healthy society that will facilitate a truly sustainable future.

Thanks again for your interest in Sustainable Living Magazine, and good luck.

Note: e-mail addresses above (if any) have been masked to reduce spam. To form the correct address, replace the (at) with @



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