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Garnet McPherson
Celebrity Leaders in action
2008.09.18 22:48:49
I am always grateful to see the environmental efforts of celebrities like Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Ed Begley and Leonardo Decaprio and I appreciated that they use there celebrity status to support meaningful causes that will benefit all of us.  For some reason I had heard less about the female stars efforts but I know that there are being just as committed to the earth as the fellows and I want to hear more about them.

Fortunately Disney has recently come out with a competition of sorts to alternative viagra aus usa name the top ten green celebs and now I can hear about all the committed women who are leading the charge to a greener world. I am not sure if all that hype belongs in the mix but I suppose it cant hurt if we are looking to them to set a shining example to the rest of us to follow.

Sienna Miller and Lily Allen are to battle it out to buy buy viagra without prescription issues be named the Greenest Star on the Planet. The stars have been named in the Top 10 shortlist for the title of services cialis levitra sales viagra Greenest Star at Playhouse Disney's Playing for the Planet Awards.  Sienna was nominated after making it her personal mission to raise awareness of global warming, while Smile singer Lily is regarded as a green celeb. Other celebrities to make the list include supermodel and actress Lily Cole, Stella McCartney, Madonna and Johnny Depp. Star couple Gwyneth Paltrow and can i buy viagra husband Chris Martin earned a joint nomination. Leonardo DiCaprio and Doctor Who star David Tennant were both short listed for championing hybrid cars. Harry Potter star Emma Watson also made the good choice soft viagra looks like Top 10 for spending time working with the Wild Trout Trust.  Fans can vote for who they want to win the Greenest Star award on

Beyond all this hype, I would just like to hear more about how celebrities are quietly giving of their time to create a more sustainable world.  If you have any stories to share please let me know.

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