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Sustainable Now Eco Bike Tour Mission Statement
2010.04.22 01:24:05
SUSTINABLE NOW - Eco Bike Tour - Mission Statement: I have an ambitious goal. To cross Canada by bike on a quest for eco intelligence. I am going to be doing this in support of a national campaign in support of Eco Education. I will be raising awareness about natural health, and the need to live in concert with nature and not in conflict. I will also be raising awareness with talks at numerous eco-villages and eco-minded communities across Canada. Those of us that have any green edge to them should be supporting these grand communities as it is their plan to demonstrate practical ways to live sustainably. I will be listing contact information about these villages on my web site if anyone is interested in participating in an eco village experience. As my tour progresses over the months of May to September 2010 I will be updating all of you through this blog giving you the levitra in canada exciting ups and the challenging downs. I will be putting in the vicinity of 8000 kms on my recumbent bike this season! I am open to coming by (if you aren’t too far off of canadian mail order viagra research my route) and doing a presentation for any organisation that can bring me a crowd interested in creating a sustainable future. One of the purposes of my tour is to find interesting groups of people that feel and think the same way I do about the need to create a Sustainable Society. Eventually I intend to move into one of the communities so I can feel that sense of common purpose and belonging that we all like to have. I feel very strongly that we all need to strive towards sustainability which means among other things that we need to drastically cut our use of petroleum products. Fossil fuel consumption is the leading contributor to green house gas and our climate crisis. Last year we burned over a million years of yesterdays sunshine in the form of fossil fuels. We simply need to learn how to live within our solar income and we need that now! Oil supplies are finite, they obviously wont last forever, and we have hit the peak while demand is still climbing. Not unlike the USA did back in the early 70s. But this time there will not be any more substantial reserves of oil to fall back on. For we have explored nearly everywhere already. The cheap oil era is coming to a close, and believe it or not we are going to have some major issues coming our way with everything costing way more then they do today, inflation is going to be in the double-digits. It is time now to look for alternatives, its time to start figuring out how to fend for yourselves, in a post carbon world. It is time to learn how to grow our own organic food. We need to start creating strong local economies and improvement with no 1 canadian online pharmacy supply networks and move away from our investments in a global economy. A sustainable future is possible if you start taking action NOW! Join me on my tour even if it is just by reading my blog entries and learning how eco-minded people today are becoming more and more self sufficient. This is going to be a great adventure and I hope you follow along!



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