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Garnet McPherson

Celebrity Leaders in action
2008.09.18 22:48:49
I am always grateful to see the environmental efforts of viagra levitra cialis option celebrities like Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Ed Begley and click here viagra 24 hour delivery Leonardo Decaprio and I appreciated that they use there celebrity status to support meaningful causes that will benefit all of us.  For some reason I had heard less about the female stars efforts but I know that there are being just as committed to the earth as the soft viagra tabs fellows and I want to hear more about them.

Fortunately Disney has recently come out with a competition of sorts to name the top ten green celebs and now I can hear about all the committed women who are leading the charge to a greener world. I am not sure if all that hype belongs in the mix but I suppose it cant hurt if we are looking to them to set a shining example to levitra potency best the rest of us to follow.

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Who are your eco heros?
2008.09.04 03:56:00
My heroes tend to be ordinary people who live by their convictions and walk their talk. People who genuinely care about the planet, the people and the future of both. They take their thoughts and their words and transform them into positive actions that get results.  People who have little time for complaining because they are too busy making things better. They are actively involved with leaving footprints that lead to solutions. Their actions speak much louder than their words and set an example for us all. It is thier inspiration that has moved me into action.  But we can all be leaders in this journey to a sustainable world. Each in our own way in our own life can make a difference and set an example for others to follow. We simply need to be  dedicated to cialis woman approach making a positive difference and the rest will follow.  So be the best that you can be and be a hero for our planet and for our species. Be the change you want to see. Just remember that we are one tribe living in one home. So the very least we can do is to take care of it!  Let me know about the everyday eco heros in your life.

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