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Julia Listringhaus

WWOOFing in Brighton, ON
2013.05.17 00:16:53

I arrived in Toronto in the end of April to look for a job. But already after a few days I realized, that I don't want to stay in a city for longer. I was in Canada to explore the nature and the countryside. So I looked for a place to WWOOF again like I did it the online viagra overnight enter site month before. I found the advertisement of Garnet McPherson called Earthwalk Eco Centre. The ad was very detailed and lots of different projects were described and so I asked for a place to stay and work. Garnet offers me the possibility to write articles about environmental projects in overseas next to the usual garden work. Due to my study of environmental science and technolgy it sounds like a perfect opportunity to use my knowledge for my work but also to learn more about environmental issues in addition to the improvement of my english skills.

I arrived one week later in Brighton.

The beginnig was perhaps not the best. I missed my train in Toronto so Garnet had to wait for me for about an hour near to the train station. But he was not angry at all. So I started my time in his home with a very good feeling. The next morning when I woke up the sun was shining and I saw the view on the buy cialis no prescription required options Lake Ontario. It was awesome. Later I met his roommate Ruth and after a nice breakfast we started working outside to prepare everthing for a BBQ-party in the following week. Later I met the rest of the family, we had diner together, played 20 questions and where to get cialis watched a movie. A perfect first day. On the next day I was going to start writing my articles.

I could always freely decide about the topic of my articles and during my researches I was glad to know more about the current developement in the green industry which I missed during the last months of travelling. I met members of the team of the sustainable living magazine and one day I could join them during a film production in Trenton. That was my first experience in that field and really interesting for me so I am excited for the result.

When Garnet asked me to continue my work after my time here I did not have to think about it a long time. Writing articles for an online magazine is a good way to spread information and to reach people. I want to share my gained knowledge and a sustainable lifestyle. Also it is a good way to keep in touch with the family!

Furthermore we prepared everything for the Bed & Breakfast which starts here in the house during my last days. To see people coming and going in your own house. This is something I never had in my home in Germany. But it is one of the best ways to meet people. Meriya, his daughter, told me, that she was raised that way so during her life she has met so many different people from all over the world. An experience which I would love to have. But it is never to late so I started it during my journey and order viagra international will continue it for the rest of my life.

Next to my work in his home I could work, together with Meriya, on a horse farm in Colborne. The owners were from Netherland and Ireland. It is so interesting to hear all the lifestories from different people, where they come from and how they came to Canada.

During my free time I could always use a bike to go to town or to explore the Presqu'ile Provincial Park. Or I could go for a walk with their dog Magnum. In the evenings we often watched a movie together.

It is always a special experience to live with people you did not know before and try to be a „part of the team“. To exchange the interests and the knowledge not only about environmental issues but also about the culture and their views about nearly everything. It opens your mind and you can give your gained experience to all the other people you will meet in the future.

It makes you happy to see your own improvement and if you have the feeling to be welcome and that you can help other people with your work. That was definitly the case in Garnets house and I enjoyed every day the living togehter here on the Lake Ontario. I have only good memories and I hope that more WWOOFers will have the possibility to come to their house and live with them.


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