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Adam Mohammed

Birthday:: 1987.03.18

Adam Mohammed is our permaculture researcher. He has been studying permaculture from the armchair, the
internet, and through urban gardening rural "wwoof'ing" for a few years. He spent 4 years doing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York U specializing in Urban Ecologies, He is Toronto-born-and-raised but likely a back-to-the-land'er. Adam spent 3 months in 2009 doing a 6 farm woofing / bike-touring circuit around southern Ontario, including a stay at the Earthwalk Eco Education Centre. He is spending 2010 first at Golden Bough
Tree Farm for three weeks and it's great! then Simpler Thyme Organic Farm for five+ months. He is also a member working on permaculture installations for the upcoming Earthworks Eco Village Project.

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