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Garnet McPherson

Birthday:: 1967.11.11

Who am I?
I am a communicator by profession and an environmentalist by obsession.I am a writer, photographer, film maker, educator and speaker. But our planet is my one passion. We are one tribe living on one planet. We need to take care of our only home.

Who to I admire?
My heroes tend to be ordinary people who live by there convictions and walk their talk. People who genuinely care about the planet, the people and the quotations levitra shop buy future of both. They take their thoughts and their words and transform them into positive actions that get results. People who have little time for complaining because they are too busy making things better. They are actively involved with leaving footprints that lead to solutions. Their actions speak much louder than their words and set an example for us all.

What are my strengths?
I think in terms of possibilities instead of obstacles. It is obvious in what I choose to do. I suppose I am determined to leave this place in better shape than I found it , and I want every day in my life to reflect that conviction. So I am building an electric car and tractor, designing eco housing, teaching about everything from natural health and wow look it buy chinese herbal viagra organic gardening to sustainable systems and permaculture. I also work on web sites and documentaries that I feel are primarily positive in purpose. I am still very much a work in progress but my life is much more congruent with my belief systems than it ever has been before.

What are my challenges?
I tend to be the first one in line to prove that the impossible can be done. Not always successfully I might add. I push the limits and admittedly I have had a few mis-adventures(I prefer to call them ?opportunities to grow?). As a result I have sailed through a hurricane, lost an aircraft engine over water, survived shrapnel wounds in a war zone, almost froze to death in the north and collapsed in the heat of the desert and so on? in short I don’t have too many fears and I have faced death enough times to know how precious life is. My friends keep telling me that “it is a miracle that I am still alive so I must be here for an important purpose”. My Dad calls me a “cat with nine lives working on his eleventh”.

Who are my friends?
I like people what are emotionally secure, who is passionate about life, serious about health, positive about possibilities, enthusiastic about pleasure, dedicated to growth, and wants to make a difference along the way. I like friends who are open and buy low price viagra wow look it can talk about anything. Good and authentic communication is the foundation of life long relationships.

What do I do for fun?
I want to have fun and enjoy every moment along the way but I have always seen life as a gift which allows us to create and that we have a responsibility to create something good with that opportunity. I enjoy my work but my friends tell me that I need to take more time to play and I really do enjoy the time I take biking, sailing, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Climbing, Skiing, Swimming, Walking, Canoeing, Horseback Riding, Golf, Concerts, Movies, Gardening, Cooking, Motorcycles, Painting, Photography, Traveling, practicing Yoga and I suppose many other things that I have not tried yet.

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