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Julia Listringhaus
WWOOFing in Brighton, ON
2013.05.17 00:16:53

I arrived in Toronto in the end of April to look for a job. But already after a few days I realized, that I don't want to stay in a city for longer. I was in Canada to explore the nature and the countryside. So I looked for a place to WWOOF again like I did it the month before. I found the advertisement of Garnet McPherson called Earthwalk Eco Centre. The ad was very detailed and lots of different projects were described and so I asked for a place to stay and work. Garnet offers me the possibility to write articles about environmental projects in overseas next to the usual garden work. Due to my study of environmental science and technolgy it sounds like a perfect opportunity to use my knowledge for my work but also to learn more about environmental issues in addition to the improvement of my english skills.

I arrived one week later in Brighton.

The beginnig was perhaps not the best. I missed my train in Toronto so Garnet had to wait for me for about an hour near to the train station. But he was not angry at all. So I started my time in his home with a very good feeling. The next morning when I woke up the sun was shining and I saw the view on the Lake Ontario. It was awesome. Later I met his roommate Ruth and after a nice breakfast we started working outside to prepare everthing for a BBQ-party in the following week. Later I met the rest of the family, we had diner together, played 20 questions and watched a movie. A perfect first day. On the next day I was going to start writing my articles.

I could always freely decide about the topic of my articles and during my researches I was glad to know more about the current developement in the green industry which I missed during the last months of travelling. I met members of the team of the sustainable living magazine and one day I could join them during a film production in Trenton. That was my first experience in that field and really interesting for me so I am excited for the result.

When Garnet asked me to continue my work after my time here I did not have to think about it a long time. Writing articles for an online magazine is a good way to spread information and to reach people. I want to share my gained knowledge and a sustainable lifestyle. Also it is a good way to keep in touch with the family!

Furthermore we prepared everything for the Bed & Breakfast which starts here in the house during my last days. To see people coming and going in your own house. This is something I never had in my home in Germany. But it is one of the best ways to meet people. Meriya, his daughter, told me, that she was raised that way so during her life she has met so many different people from all over the world. An experience which I would love to have. But it is never to late so I started it during my journey and viagra for order will continue it for the rest of my life.

Next to my work in his home I could work, together with Meriya, on a horse farm in Colborne. The owners were from Netherland and Ireland. It is so interesting to hear all the lifestories from different people, where they come from and how they came to Canada.

During my free time I could always use a bike to go to town or to explore the Presqu'ile Provincial Park. Or I could go for a walk with their dog Magnum. In the evenings we often watched a movie together.

It is always a special experience to live with people you did not know before and try to be a „part of the team“. To exchange the interests and the knowledge not only about environmental issues but also about the culture and their views about nearly everything. It opens your mind and you can give your gained experience to all the other people you will meet in the future.

It makes you happy to see your own improvement and if you have the feeling to be welcome and that you can help other people with your work. That was definitly the case in Garnets house and I enjoyed every day the living togehter here on the Lake Ontario. I have only good memories and I hope that more WWOOFers will have the possibility to come to their house and live with them.


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Proposed Ontario Bill Could Cancel The Clean Energy Act
2013.04.20 02:50:03
 Oppose Bill 39 and speak out in support of renewable energy in Ontario!

The Conservative Party has introduced a new bill to revoke the Green Energy Act and the FIT Program. It was tabled on March 26th and is set to be debated, and then put to a vote regarding whether it gets a Second Reading on Thursday April 18, 2013. (see a summary of the Bill at the end of this e-mail).

Its important we collectively raise the pro-renewables voice around the province over the next week and beyond.

What you can do:

  1. Call or visit your MPP's constituency office before April 18th 2013 to communicate your objection to Bill 39!
  2. Sign petition "Ontario MPPs: We support renewable energy in Ontario" then forward this email to contacts and very good site antibiotic for chron's disease share on Facebook and twitter

While many do not believe this Bill will pass, we do believe the government is watching to see the extent to which Ontarians support green energy by how vocal they are in opposition to this Bill.

The best ACTION to take at this time is to CALL YOUR MPP or visit their constituency office in person and share with them that you are a member of their constituency with a community power project under development that engages and benefits a significant number of other local citizens. If you're not sure who your MPP is, here is how you can find out here:

Summary of Bill 39:

  • The Bill enacts a new Act to deal with industrial wind turbines.
  • No person is allowed to install or operate an industrial wind turbine unless authorized by a by-law of the municipality where the turbine is located. The installation or operation of industrial wind turbines is entirely prohibited in the Niagara Escarpment Planning Area or the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area.
  • The Bill amends the Electricity Act, 1998 to prohibit the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) from entering into contracts for the procurement of electricity supply or capacity derived from renewable energy sources unless the price for the supply or capacity does not exceed the price that would be payable if the supply or capacity were derived from non-renewable energy sources.
  • The Bill terminates the feed-in tariff program that the OPA has developed to procure energy from renewable energy sources.
  • The Bill amends the Green Energy Act, 2009 to allow municipalities, by by-law, to restrict the use of goods, services and technologies designed to promote energy conservation and to restrict activities with respect to renewable energy projects, renewable energy sources or renewable energy testing projects.
  • The Bill amends the Planning Act to reverse the effect of the amendments made to the Act by Schedule K to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009. Those amendments exempted renewable energy undertakings from the normal application of the Planning Act, including policy statements, provincial plans, official plans, demolition control by-laws, zoning by-laws and development permit regulations and by-laws.

See the tabled Bill here:{jcomments on}


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Adam Mohammed
My Permaculture Adventure
2010.05.13 19:49:29

As a Permaculture Researcher for Sustainable Living Magazine. I have been studying permaculture from the armchair, the internet, and through urban gardening rural "wwoof'ing" for a few years. I spent 4 years doing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York U specializing in Urban Ecologies. Toronto-born-and-raised but likely a back-to-the-land'er, I spent 3 months in 2009 doing a 6 farm woofing / bike-touring circuit around southern Ontario, including a stay at the Earthwalk Eco Education Centre. I am spending 2010 first at Golden Bough
Tree Farm for three weeks and then Simpler Thyme Organic Farm for five+ months. I am also helping with the design and installation of permaculture installations for the upcoming Earthworks Eco Village Project. I will be submiting blogs here through out this summer about what I am experiancing and what am learning on my sustainability trail.

Tags: Permaculture | Adam Mohammed | Earthwalk | Eco Centre | bike tour

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mike spark
Sustainable Now Eco Bike Tour Mission Statement
2010.04.22 01:24:05
SUSTINABLE NOW - Eco Bike Tour - Mission Statement: I have an ambitious goal. To cross Canada by bike on a quest for eco intelligence. I am going to be doing this in support of a national campaign in support of Eco Education. I will be raising awareness about natural health, and the need to live in concert with nature and not in conflict. I will also be raising awareness with talks at numerous eco-villages and eco-minded communities across Canada. Those of us that have any green edge to them should be supporting these grand communities as it is their plan to demonstrate practical ways to live sustainably. I will be listing contact information about these villages on my web site if anyone is interested in participating in an eco village experience. As my tour progresses over the months of May to September 2010 I will be updating all of you through this blog giving you the exciting ups and the challenging downs. I will be putting in the vicinity of 8000 kms on my recumbent bike this season! I am open to coming by (if you aren’t too far off of my route) and doing a presentation for any organisation that can bring me a crowd interested in creating a sustainable future. One of the purposes of my tour is to find interesting groups of people that feel and think the same way I do about the need to create a Sustainable Society. Eventually I intend to move into one of the communities so I can feel that sense of common purpose and belonging that we all like to have. I feel very strongly that we all need to strive towards sustainability which means among other things that we need to drastically cut our use of petroleum products. Fossil fuel consumption is the leading contributor to green house gas and our climate crisis. Last year we burned over a million years of yesterdays sunshine in the form of fossil fuels. We simply need to learn how to live within our solar income and we need that now! Oil supplies are finite, they obviously wont last forever, and we have hit the peak while demand is still climbing. Not unlike the USA did back in the early 70s. But this time there will not be any more substantial reserves of oil to fall back on. For we have explored nearly everywhere already. The cheap oil era is coming to a close, and believe it or not we are going to have some major issues coming our way with everything costing way more then they do today, inflation is going to be in the double-digits. It is time now to look for alternatives, its time to start figuring out how to fend for yourselves, in a post carbon world. It is time to learn how to grow our own organic food. We need to start creating strong local economies and supply networks and move away from our investments in a global economy. A sustainable future is possible if you start taking action NOW! Join me on my tour even if it is just by reading my blog entries and learning how eco-minded people today are becoming more and more self sufficient. This is going to be a great adventure and I hope you follow along!


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mike spark
Sustainable Now Bike tour Apr 21 2010
2010.04.22 01:21:40
April 21 2010 Initial preparations for my SUSTINABLE NOW bike tour! I am getting ready slowly but surely for my SUSTINABLE NOW ride across Canada. One of the first things I did in terms of getting my supplies and tools together was purchasing my bike. It is a beautiful recumbent bike made by Rans, their Rocket model. If you are at all interested in a recumbent I have to say that I am very impressed and happy with this one! The acquiring of touring necessities is a long and exhausting process when you are doing it on a budget let me tell you! I am looking to set up a few sponsorships to help me finish off my list of things I need to accomplish my coast to coast tour. I still have to buy a tent, a trailer, a sleeping bag, and a list of smaller items that will make tenting out much more enjoyable! I am currently staying for a couple days at Earthwalk Sustainable Living Centre an eco-education centre based in Colborne Ontario. Setting up my relationship with my sponsor organization and learning all sorts of great stuff from the director of the eco-education centre Garnet McPherson. I cycled out here from Orangeville over the previous two days. 130 kms on Monday and 80 kms yesterday. I am a little bit sore because Monday I pushed myself too hard. But I will get used to the kind of pace I need to set in order to stay feeling physically good for the entire tour. I have been training the past couple weeks taking small trips on my bike, and jumping from the smaller distances (from 25 to 45 kms a day) to the 130 km day was more then I should have bitten off for sure! But you live and learn right! It doesn’t help too much that I haven’t gotten myself a pair of cycling shoes or clipless pedals yet either eh! I will definitely want to acquire those items in the coming week asap!


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Garnet McPherson
Celebrity Leaders in action
2008.09.18 22:48:49
I am always grateful to see the environmental efforts of celebrities like Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Ed Begley and Leonardo Decaprio and I appreciated that they use there celebrity status to support meaningful causes that will benefit all of us.  For some reason I had heard less about the female stars efforts but I know that there are being just as committed to the earth as the fellows and I want to hear more about them.

Fortunately Disney has recently come out with a competition of sorts to name the top ten green celebs and now I can hear about all the committed women who are leading the charge to a greener world. I am not sure if all that hype belongs in the mix but I suppose it cant hurt if we are looking to them to set a shining example to the rest of us to follow.

Tags: Celebrity Eco Heros

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Garnet McPherson
Who are your eco heros?
2008.09.04 03:56:00
My heroes tend to be ordinary people who live by their convictions and walk their talk. People who genuinely care about the planet, the people and the future of both. They take their thoughts and their words and transform them into positive actions that get results.  People who have little time for complaining because they are too busy making things better. They are actively involved with leaving footprints that lead to solutions. Their actions speak much louder than their words and set an example for us all. It is thier inspiration that has moved me into action.  But we can all be leaders in this journey to a sustainable world. Each in our own way in our own life can make a difference and set an example for others to follow. We simply need to be  dedicated to making a positive difference and the rest will follow.  So be the best that you can be and be a hero for our planet and for our species. Be the change you want to see. Just remember that we are one tribe living in one home. So the very least we can do is to take care of it!  Let me know about the everyday eco heros in your life.

Tags: Eco Heros | Sustaiable Living | living Green

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