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For the Birds - Our Bird Populations provide a very good environmental barometer, reflecting  the health of our ecosystems.  So at Sustainable Living Magazine we like to keep a close tab on what is happening with our feathered friends.  Like canaries in a mine shaft, they are our early warning system of environmental and viagra master card recommended site ecological changes. Here you will find articles from ornithologists and enthusiasts that are strictly "for the birds".

Local Report - Ontario Winter Finch Forecast 2008-2009

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Written by Ron Pittaway


Local Report - Winter finches feed almost entirely on viagra prescription seeds. Most finches readily go to bird feeders. The two best seeds for finches are black sunflower seed and nyger seed. Winter finches are noted for their wandering movements in search of tree seed crops. The most important trees to winter finches are spruce, white pine (Ontario's provincial tree), hemlock, birch and mountain-ash. This year in Ontario, spruce crops are fair to good both west and east of buy diflucan 200 mg follow link Lake Superior and in central Ontario such as Algonquin Park, but cone abundance diminishes rapidly northwards into the boreal forest. White pine has heavy cone crops in most areas, but the hemlock crop is poor. The white birch crop is fair to good west and east of Lake Superior to LakeOntario, but poor in the boreal forest. The mountain-ash (rowan berry) crop is excellent everywhere this year.


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