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Eco Trends - SLM researchers, writers and field reps are constantly on the look our for the new trends that are developing in the home and business market place.  We also are taking the pulse on the early adopters of new eco innovations, technologies and techniques that are solving eco issues and report on thier experiance and the emerging trends in every issue.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

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Written by Contributor

To understand carbon offsetting, one must first have at least a general understanding of carbon emissions, also commonly known as "greenhouse gases."   These are atmospheric components — like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane gas— that contribute to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is responsible for the warming of the viagra uk delivery research atmosphere that, in respectable levels, makes our atmosphere capable of i use it buy viagra online uk supporting life, but that in extreme levels like those we've been experiencing ever since the industrial revolution and the advent of contemporary, "modern" civilization, can make the Earth unsustainable for life.

That said, carbon offsetting is any act that mitigates (or "alleviates", "lessens" or "diminishes") greenhouse gas emissions. The idea behind it is that instead of reducing one's own greenhouse gas emissions, one compensates by paying to have them reduced elsewhere.


Business Leaders Reducing Green House Gas Emissions

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Written by John Hawes


Business Leaders Reducing Green House Gas Emissions In Canada and use buy viagra in france around the world, more and more industry leaders and communities are discovering  that there are many opportunities that make both economic and environmental sense. They’re finding out that both energy conservation and energy efficiency save money and create new industries and new jobs.

"If we get it right, our company and our supply chain will never have to take another drop of oil." - Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface Inc., the world's largest flooring manufacturer.

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