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Eco Technologies - Thanks to our inventors and purchase discount cialis online wow look it innovators new technologies are creating new possibilities in the way we live and the choices we can make.  Well designed technological solutions can solve problems, save money and time, and have a positive impact on our environment all at the same time.  Here SLM looks at these new technologies and what impacts they are likely to have on our society and our planet.

Recycling Electronic Equipment

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Unused, outdated, and otherwise unwanted electronic equipment is taking up a large part of the country's landfills. These mostly plastic and metal machines are not biodegradable, certainly non-compostable, and therefore, will remain relatively intact, potentially for generations to come, as they slowly oxidize away. But rust and a lot of viagra shop other byproducts of this slow, mechanical crawl to oblivion are toxic — bad for the environment, bad for soil they eke into, the water they spill into, the air they blow through. And that's bad for us. With that in mind, recycling electronic equipment is not just an option for individuals and buy diovan online businesses ridding themselves of old machines; it's an imperative!


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