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Eco Investing - We tend not to think of purchase viagra without prescription money as a tool for healing the purchase cialis usa expert planet and side effects levitra many of us still go around thinking of it as the "route of all evil". However like many things in life there are two sides of this story.  How we invest our money can have a huge impact not only on both our financial and environmental bottom lines but also on how we feel about the way our investments are working for us. Here we look at eco investment opportunities and how they can contribute to multiple bottom lines.


Socially Responsible Investment

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Written by Dean Whalen

 Socially Responsible Investment -  (SRI) is defined as the process of selecting or managing investments according to social or environmental criteria. We estimate there was $530.9 billion in socially responsible investment assets in Canada.
Many investors would like to increase their wealth while at the same time helping to create a better world. This is possible through investment funds that are designed to invest in companies that pass stringent criteria in environmental, social, and ethical action.
Known as “Socially Responsible” or “Sustainable” amongst many descriptions, these funds invest in companies that have high standards in these areas. For more information check out the links below.

Canada has high quality funds with excellent managers who are responsible to ensure that the investments follow the “socially responsible” and “sustainable” mandates they have been assigned. There are differences amongst these investment funds that you need to understand. Some investment funds are leaders in shareholder activism, some dedicate part of their investments toward “Microfinance”. Some invest in Canada and some invest Globally.

Watch This Video: Socially responsible investing, in plain English

The right investment advisors can help you invest in the levitra profissonal canadian pharmacy funds that most closely mirror your personal objectives, both financially and socially; investments that reflect your values; investments to create a world of abundance and prosperity for all.
Socially responsible investment includes six components:
● Screening based on exclusionary or inclusionary criteria, such as tobacco, alcohol, environmental performance, human rights violations, community involvement and employee relations. This is the application of pre-determined social or environmental values to investment selection.
● Stock portfolio analysis and canadian cialis pharmacy management based on social responsibility and/or sustainability policies, integrating social and sustainability indicators with traditional financial analysis. It incorporates social and sustainability analysis to inform the investment decision-making process without necessarily screening out particular holdings based on pre-determined social or sustainability choices.
● Shareholder advocacy and corporate engagement strategies, which involve the use of shareholder power to influence corporate behavior through corporate communication, shareholder proposals, proxy voting policies and divestment.
● Community investment, which is the placement of capital into local loan or equity vehicles targeting community development or serving low-income or disadvantaged groups.
● Socially responsible lending, which is a unique form of lending in which prospective borrowers are subjected to social and environmental screens.
● Sustainable venture capital, which is the placement of funds – primarily private investments outside the public markets – in start-up firms and small businesses that produce products or services that optimize the use of natural resources while reducing environmental impact.
Socially Responsible Investment is a useful tool to accomplish your investment goals while incorporating social and environmental factors that act as a catalyst for positive social change. SRI can help you invest in the funds that most closely mirror your personal objectives, both financially and socially; investments that reflect your values; investments to create a world of abundance and prosperity for all.
An important part of “SRI” investing is education.   The following links are provided to help you understand more about this type of investing, the issues, the organizations and the people involved. 
This Story Was Written By Dean Whalen President of Lighthouse Money Management 

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