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Sixteen Tips for a Greener Workplace

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Without reinventing the wheel, here are some simple things you can do to make your workplace greener:


1.    Recycle. If your workplace doesn't have a formal recycling program, insist one is adopted. Bottles, cans, cardboard, and paper should never be found in landfills.

2.    Avoid printing and buying viagra in spain copying whenever possible. Always think – do I really need a hard copy of this? If you have to real viagra gel remedies copy and print, use both sides of the paper. 

 3.    Use recycled products. From pens to paper to printer cartridges, you'd be surprised at the variety of products made from recyclable materials. 

4.    Stay local. Buy office products from local dealers to reduce the impact of transportation.

5.    Lightenalt-up. Replace all light bulbs with low-energy ones.  Also, install automatic shut-offs for lighting.  Lighting a typical office overnight wastes enough energy to heat water for 1,000 cups of fast cialis coffee. Saving the planet will also save your employer buckets of cash as 44% of the electricity used in office buildings is spent on lighting alone.


6.    Set computers to power down automatically after 15-20 minutes of idle time. A computer monitor left on overnight can waste enough electricity to laser print over 500 pages. Powering off computer cuts the machine's energy use by 70%. Now multiply that by millions of PCs across the country.

7.    Outsource green. Use bicycle or hybrid car couriers, environmentally-friendly cleaners, and organic lawn-care companies.

8.    Plant trees on company property, if possible, but do not use pesticides.

9.    Install water-saving devices in washrooms. Did you know that toilets are the biggest water wasters in office buildings? Low-flow and retrofit toilets reduce water usage from 8 gallons per flush to viagra alternetives a 1.6!

10.    Rethink your commute. Whether or not your employer develops incentives for carpooling, public transportation, or the viagra offical site purchase of a hybrid car, you can put together your own commuting programs. Start with a car-sharing one.

11.    Ban disposables. Get rid of disposable cups at the water cooler or plastic dishes for office lunches. Instead, have employees bring in their own cups, dishes, and silverware.

alt12.    Form a green workplace committee. Work with colleagues and management to get sustainable workplace practices in effect.

13.    Compost food waste.  That's what those green bins are for!

14.    Stay temperate. Adjust your thermostat to 19 or 20 degrees Celsius. By turning the heat or air conditioning down by just one degree, you can reduce energy use by 10%. If possible, hire a consultant to weather-proof your office.  It will help a lot on those energy bills.

15.    Go organic. Ditch the unhealthy vending machine sugary drinks and sweets, and introduce organic and fair-trade drinks and snacks into your workplace.

16  Use a Green Web Site Hosting Company like Host Papa that uses only renewable energy.

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