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Greening Business - Entrepreneurs and innovators in our business communities are quickly taking their place among the eco leaders in our society and in many cases are miles ahead of our governments in getting on top of the green wave in the market place. Here in our Eco Business section we profile some of these visionary businesses and the results they are getting.  We explore a variety of ways one can green ones business operations and improve the buy januvia bottom line at the same time.  We take a hard look at unfortunate "eco flops" and "green washing" efforts that has also marketed the quickly emerging green revolution in the market place. The "new black is green" and we are seeing more and more of it in botttom lines.

Builders and renovators face barriers in the shift to sustainability

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Written by Jim Verzino

When I talk to architects, builders and trades-people, I often hear the excitement in their voices when they tell me they are finally “taking their company green.” Consistently the entrepreneurs worry that the up-front costs to install green solutions are usually more expensive than conventional features. Will customers pay the extra costs up front?

Certainly price is one of the issues that these dedicated green businesspeople have to overcome, but price is just the cheapest propecia uk tip of the iceberg. Resistance from neighbors, zoning boards, employees and subcontractors are just as difficult to surmount and time-consuming.

Just ask Michael Strong, owner of Greenhaus Builders, Houston's leading green builder.


Ray Anderson Lead Business Down A Sustainable Path

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Written by The Editor


Ray Anderson passed on recently and we lost a great business leader that showed us all that a greener business can be a better busness that shows improved performance on multiple bottom lines.  He earned the SLM Green Hero Award for his work on sustainable busness.

Known for his advanced and progressive stance on industrial ecology and sustainability Ray Anderson was described by many as the greenest CEO in North America. A pioneer and visionary, Ray has lead the way by not only transforming his successful carpet and floor covering company into one of the most sustainable corporations in existence but also by actively sharing his experience with other organizations and find buy levitra cheap us government.  We owe Ray a debt of gratitude for setting an example of what can be done to create sustainable organisations that make sence.


Sixteen Tips for a Greener Workplace

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Written by Contributor


Without reinventing the wheel, here are some simple things you can do to make your workplace greener:


1.    Recycle. If your workplace doesn't have a formal recycling program, insist one is adopted. Bottles, cans, cardboard, and paper should never be found in landfills.

2.    Avoid printing and copying whenever possible. Always think – do I really need a hard copy of this? If you have to copy and print, use both sides of the paper. 


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