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Thousands of international scientists and where to find levitra 27 noble lariats have concluded that human activities have created significant global warming and as a result a climate crisis that needs immediate action. Many of these scientists have indicated that at this point we have only a few years to reverse global warming in order to avoid a climatic and environmental catastrophe.  However an increasing number of prominent climate scientists believe that it is already too late to avoid catastrophic damage to the planets bio-sphere. 

Consensus in this community is growing that too much greenhouse gas has already been introduced to price of viagra in canada our atmosphere and too many environmentally negative economic and cultural practices are entrenched in human activity to reverse global warming.  Climate CrisisWe  made unconscious decisions over the last two centuries that have had long lasting destructive impacts on our eco systems. Furthermore the buy cialis on concern seems to be that these habitual behaviors have a great deal of cultural inertia and that we may not be able to move to a carbon free energy infrastructure within the guide viagra jelly for sale next decade.  Upon close examination it is hard to refute the persuasive evidence that we are already beyond the point of no return.  We may not be able to prevent major changes in global climate and the resulting mass starvation in many areas of the world, forced migrations involving millions of environmental refugees, extensive social and political upheavals, and wide spread extinctions of thousands of species.

However even if we are past the tipping point,  there are opportunities even in the midst of this context to have a huge impact on the potential consequences of guide where to buy cheap cymbalta online the climate crisis. People around the globe are all one living under the same sky facing the same challenge.  If we can mobilize that growing awareness we can be part of the global paradigm shift needed to reduce the impact of these consequences. At Sustainable Living Magazine we believe that by “getting the lead out” and working together we can save millions of lives and a great deal of the natural world that sustains our planet by the follow link buy cheap generic viagra choices we make and actions we take today and tomorrow.  

It will take nothing less than three simultaneous transformations in the way we have done things in the past. It will take a revolution in government policies; in technology; and in the hearts and minds in people around the world.  It’s the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced, but together we can craft the progressive changes in our civilization, together we can bring about the transformation in thinking that can make the changes possible, together we can do what is necessary to make a huge difference.

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